In 2017 the South African based company Poynting Antennas, released their first dedicated omnidirectional marine and coastal antenna, Poynting OMNI-291 antenna.

Since then, with steep growth Poynting has built itself a name for providing high-performance cellular and wi-fi antenna solutions for vessels, yachts, superyachts, motorboat, sailing boats and the like.

The superyacht Future of the Fjords relies fully on OMNI-291 Cellular Marine antenna providing worldwide coverage for all LTE frequencies and OMNI-496 Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Marine high-performance antennas.

Future of the Fjords

This summer Poynting released 2 new medium-sized Marine and Coastal antennas for smaller yachts, motorboats, sailing boat or just simply for those who prefer smaller sized antennas than the larger OMNI-291 or the OMNI-402 MIMO Cellular Marine antennas.

Omni 291

Omni 291 

Omni 402

Omni 402


The new antennas have a smaller profile radome which is specifically designed for adverse marine and coastal environments. Although these antennas look similar on the outside, they are completely different on the inside. These new antennas have a smaller radome of 152 mm (with the marine bracket measures a total of 252 mm) in length, making it much more compact.

The antennas are designed for superior pattern control across their respective frequency ranges of operation. The OMNI-403 covers the contemporary LTE bands from 698MHz to 2700MHz, while the OMNI-404 also includes the CBRS/5G Ready band from 3200MHz to 3800MHz. Both antennas provide coverage for all popular LTE bands.

Poynting Antennas achieve the sublime performance of these medium-sized antennas by using an innovative design whereby the impedance bandwidth, gain and radiation patterns are harmonized over the entire frequency range. This offers superior performance across all frequency bands which is an important factor for LTE and future 5G technologies. The result is the best possible reception and throughput over multiple frequency bands simultaneously related to the compact size of the antenna itself.

Both antennas are specifically designed for marine and coastal applications and feature an IP68 rating to protect the antenna against water (and dust), making these antennas ideal to withstand various harsh weather conditions at sea, on lakes or rivers. The antennas are
also fully saltwater protected so that it can be used in highly corrosive environments, including chemical and toxic environments. This is thanks to the SAN Marine ASA radome material.

Both marine antennas offer a standard 1”-14TPI marine adaptor for ease of installation.
The antennas are fitted with an N-Type bulk adaptor to fit the cable quality and length of your choice. For better reception of signal in remote areas choose the OMNI-403.

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