Screen technology is moving forward at an alarming rate and demands by consumers for wider, thinner, brighter display systems are never-ending. The most luxurious environments demand the ultimate display solution and the floating homes of superyacht owners are no exception to this. In fact, even more so they are requiring the best that money can buy. Customers are now looking for truly theatre grade display technology in their own-floating reception rooms, let alone in the sailing spaces that are used as cinema rooms.

Advances have brought us 4K and even 8K televisions, but if you still need more what can you then look for?  16K really? Assuming that you have the room and the money, which a lot of yacht owners will do, what is the next item to wow them in screen technology?  Anything less than impressive and perfect just isn’t an option for today’s superyacht owners looking for unrivalled theatre technology on their yacht.

Sony: Crystal LED

Sony has the perfect option to offer just such clients, with their Crystal LED system.  This is an established application in high-end residential homes, corporate boardrooms,  shopping malls and a design centre for the automotive industry with multiple applications around the world, however, their move into the superyacht industry is reasonably new.

Owners and guests can enjoy movies, TV, and games as you’ve never seen them before.  This no-projector viewing solution takes big-screen home entertainment to the next level.

Superyacht Technology News was delighted to view this incredible system at the Monaco Yacht Show and speak to Rutger Schaap, Key Account and Business Development Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe.   The Crystal LED system is currently installed on one 100m+ yacht although, of course, because of NDA’s we are not allowed to name the yacht.  Sony, of course, is present on a lot of yachts with their traditional displays/ TV’s in 4K, 8K, and OLED, but Crystal LED is set to be the next must-have for technology and entertainment savvy superyacht owners.

So, what makes the Crystal LED innovative?

The Crystal LED display system is a modular screen made up of micro LED tiles, that can be made to your bespoke specification to deliver stunning pictures to any space.  Due to its modular set up the screen does not have to be the traditional television configuration, the totally flat borderless modular system, can be used in spaces where incredible high dynamic range pictures are required in a stunning stylish setting.

Each tile measures 40 x 45 x 10 cm and holds 320 x 360 pixels with a pixel pitch of 1.26mm.  Offering three LEDs per pixel, with each pixel capable of outputting 1000nits.

The tiles are driven by ZRCT-200 controllers each controlling up to 72 tiles.  The ZRCT-200 connects to 12 tiles with RJ45 cables, connecting the rest of the modular system in a sequence wiring system.

The Crystal LED screen has a 99 per cent black surface, which in real terms means it provides incredible contrast (over a million-to-one contrast ratio). This very high brightness of up to 1000 cd/m2 outperforms any other large scale screen option and makes it the perfect choice for sticking visuals in any ambient light conditions and excellent for superyacht rooms which can be exposed to lots of natural light.  There is absolutely no lag on the system which means that everything you watch is 100% blur-free, thanks to Crystal LED’s unique LED diving scheme.

Available in a selection of resolution options including 4k, 8k, and 16k the largest system currently installed is 63ft wide x 18 ft tall. (19.2m wide by 5.4m tall), in the Shiseido HQ in Japan.  However, you don’t have to go for the biggest size and highest resolution when it comes to the Sony Crystal LED display, its modular functionality means it can be installed in virtually any desired size and resolution to suit your yacht and your wallet.

Make a statement: Crystal LED

The Crystal LED offers awe-inspiring picture quality to the superyacht industry with cutting edge style, performance and luxury all in one package, providing an incredible wow factor.

With extraordinary clarity, sumptuous colour and an unprecedented 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, nothing touches the immersive realism and sheer wow factor of Crystal LED.  Its incredibly high contrast makes the pictures jump off the screen with mesmeric seamless imagery.

Outstanding images on any scale

The ground-breaking Crystal LED display technology features an array of ultrafine LED elements, each one half the thickness of a human hair. Despite their minute size, each micro LED’s powerful light output contributes to bright, brilliantly immersive super-size images with spectacular contrast and wide colour gamut (140% of sRGB).

Watch the screen from wherever you are in the room

Impressively the system has an incredible viewing angle of virtually 180 degrees, Crystal LED lets everyone see the entire picture, wherever they are based in the room.  This works horizontally and vertically so if you want to lay on the deep pile carpet within the lounge of your superyacht to watch television, you can!

Installation on your superyacht

The Sony Crystal LED system is suitable for new builds and refits, however the earlier into a build or refit Sony are consulted the better as the installation of the CLED system will need to be cleverly designed around items like air conditioning and heating.  There are two options to choose between, the fixed frame or the scissor frame, the decision is really down to the purchaser, but, both systems allow for front-facing maintenance, meaning little disruption to your space.

Additional research has been completed to ensure that the use of the Sony Crystal LED on superyachts still provides incredible visuals even during times of movement or vibration.  The frame provides stability to the system and you can guarantee that your viewing pleasure will not be interrupted and vibration-free.

The Sony Crystal LED really is the future of luxury audiovisual displays, take a seat, get comfortable.  All eyes on Sony. 

About Sony

Sony Professional Solutions exists to unleash the incredible power of images. Helping customers tell stories, springboard change, connect emotionally, stimulate learning and activate potential is at the heart of our vision. With a winning combination of technology and creativity Sony partners with businesses across a wide variety of sectors including Media and Broadcast, Theatre, Healthcare, Sports and Corporate and Education markets to deliver innovative and transformational customer solutions. Operating with over 30 years’ experience and a trusted network of established technology partners Sony’s wide portfolio of product and services propositions provides true value to businesses and informs, educates, entertains and inspires their customers.

Rutger Schaap

Rutger has worked for Sony for 7 years, originally focussing on the corporate side of the business but for the last 2 years has focused on promoting Sony within the superyacht industry.  With a background in designing mobile applications and a design degree as well as his audiovisual history, he is ideally placed to be their European superyacht lead.

For more information on the Sony Crystal CLED system view:

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The Screen That Dreams Are Made Of - Sony Blueprint

The Screen That Dreams Are Made Of – Sony Blueprint

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