Volante Puro is a unique concept for ultra-luxury interiors. It combines titanium UV purification technology with fragrances from the Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, a perfect blend of science and art. Volante Puro offers the assurance of a safe and healthy environment, together with an exclusive sensory experience.

Volante Puro employs the best air purification systems, which use active technology, rather than passive filtration. Built into the ventilation ductwork, these systems simulate the cleansing effect of the outdoor air.

Special molecules are silently distributed which seek and neutralise odours and viruses, using cell breakdown. They also electrically charge dust particles, causing them to group together and accumulate in the air filter.

The benefit of these systems is that no chemicals are involved, and the only byproducts are natural elements. Tested on numerous viruses over many years, even airborne transmission of infection via a sneeze will be 99% neutralised before it has travelled a metre.

Viveur is privileged to be able to work with one of the only independent Master Perfumers in the world today:

“Master Perfumers make it their personal quest to develop a fragrance creation which is beautiful and harmonic: almost as part of a personal mission. In this way perfumers become true ambassadors of the world: representing the hundreds of people who have painstakingly cultivated fields, gathered thousands of flowers and plants to extract into absolutes or distil into precious essential oils for perfume is a labour of love which expresses the very essence of civilization. When one makes this consideration, the philosophy behind fine fragrance creation grows increasingly more important, for a bottle of perfume is a precious, living and expressive medium that contains the world.” – Lorenzo Dante Ferro

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