We spoke to Cheena Srinivasan, Founder and CEO of Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape offers the world’s only Internet movie service with multi-channel lossless master audio in Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos. The Kaleidescape Movie Store offers movies for electronic delivery weeks before they become available on discs, and we are currently working with content owners to make it easier for marine customers to purchase movies directly from its Movie Store vs. a disc-based solution.

There is no reason that the IMAX theatre can’t be used in conjunction with Kaleidescape’s movie store. IMAX has reached out to us for our movie player and server expertise as well as our movie service. With regards to questions about how Sony will react to new potential competition, it’s important to remember that Sony is synonymous with 4K innovation. The company just registered its trademark for 8K with the US patent office.

Plex doesn’t sell any licensed content from the major motion pictures. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that it’s “paid content” as in legally purchased. There is no DRM support for Plex, therefore is such content being obtained through ripping from discs? Or worse from a pirated copy? There are clear guidelines on what is permissible and not if one takes the time to read Title 17 of the US Copyright Act (1947, and amended through 2010)

 Found here

and in the  DMCA law

Specifically, the DMCA prohibits the manufacture of any device, or the offering of any service, primarily designed to defeat an effective “technological protection measure.” Why would any company want to stick their neck out to install a device that breaks the law?

True 4K viewing experience, similar to true lossless Dolby Atmos, requires that the content be sourced from legitimate master files from the studios. Streaming 4K is 8 to 10 times inferior in video and as much as 50 times inferior in audio compared to the movies that Kaleidescape delivers from its Movie Store. A system is only as good as its weakest link. If the weakest link in a home cinema is the source device or crappy bootlegged content, the entire experience can be quite aggravating and unsatisfying.

The old saying, “garbage-in, garbage-out” rings true here – a high-quality movie source is vitally important to bring the projector and the Dolby Atmos sound system live.

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