Lose yourself in a fully immersive display 

In a sea of technology and equipment during the METS show, this stand stood out as the most visually striking.  Displaying huge walls of exclusive scenography, images can be presented on the StarkImageWall in any size, any shape and borderless.  Due to its composition, it can be installed on any surface, curved or flat, wall, ceiling and floor.?  It requires no rear access, therefore, it can be mounted directly onto your surface.    The StarkImageWall is a luxurious and elegant wall that combines a high definition screen with a refined metallised holofoil 3D finish that gives it an elegant appearance, yet a high contrast display.  When not in use, StarkImageWall has an elegant satin finish surface thanks to its completely invisible technology.?    

SYTN, spoke to Paolo Buroni, the visual designer during the METS show.  An incredibly passionate and visual man who loves what he designs.  Every piece is bespoke

There is also an interactive version, the StarkInteactiveImageWall which can display incredible interactive scenic effects.   The example on display could be controlled simply by hand movements.  

Another incredible product that they offer is an image wall to personalise swimming pools onboard yachts, and of course offshore too. Completely customised to fit any project size it can provide your yacht with an easy to maintain, immersive effect.

Their constant evolution in the interactive projector industry has made Stark a leader in this area.  Find out more about them here: 

Website:  http://www.stark1200.com/?lang=en