Qualtron – Blueprint

Over the next few months, we will release around 25 Blueprints, designed to help you to get to know tech companies during the summer season and plan for 2019.

Elegant Solutions, Meticulous Planning


Qualtron provides sophisticated audio-visual solutions to the world’s most discerning yacht owners, seeking bespoke, luxurious on-board entertainment. Founded in 2017 from the former Genesis Marine Division, we work closely with our trusted partners to bring each owner’s unique vision to life; creating a contemporary and cosmopolitan lifestyle for this elite market. Naturally, each project is treated with the utmost discretion.


We work closely with shipyards, designers and owners to provide the best possible solution for each individual project, be it a new superyacht or a refit. In our experience, meticulous planning is vital at the early stages. This painstaking approach ensures no detail is overlooked and no time is wasted on costly revisions.


Qualtron offers a technology and supplier-agnostic solutions-based service. Hand-picked partners are selected for their experience and expertise in supplying cutting edge AV solutions, designed for the ultimate in challenging environments. Upgrades are also easily implemented without the requirement for extensive and expensive re-fits.


Developments in on-Board Entertainment Experiences


There is growth in demand for both indoor and outdoor private cinemas onboard superyachts which has driven the rise of AVoIP, the marriage of IT and AV disciplines, allowing engineers to create truly immersive soundscapes across the most complex environments. This is the bulletproof technology that facilitates both audio and video streaming for installations – a scalable solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance or aesthetics. For indoor cinema, there are exciting developments in digital projection. This is spearheaded by the leading cinema professionals and is set to revolutionize the audience experience. On top of audio and cinematic experiences, there is also a growing demand for a live performance on today’s superyachts such as private concerts. Dry ice, specialist lighting, and discreet, yet powerful speakers are all available to enhance the overall experience.


There are significant advances in LED technology with impressive screens that literally unfold, silently offering performance to rival any projector and blurring the distinction between television and movie screens. They are designed to offer the very best audio-visual performance in outdoor areas and also work for onboard applications, as the system is designed to sink below deck at the touch of a button, leaving the space free for other forms of entertainment.


Spirit of Excellence

Qualtron constantly strives to bring the yachting community greater technological advances yet realizes there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


“No two superyachts are the same and no two owners are alike. Despite all the excitement at each new development, it is most important to keep the owner’s vision at the heart of all your planning. Each project deserves your full focus from start to finish. At the end of the day, the owner is truly the star of the show.” – Torsten Steinbrecher, Chairman, Qualtron

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