AI can blend with the walls

The first special characteristic is right there within the title. These are 8K TVs, with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is 33.2 million pixels in total.

That’s greater than 4 times the quantity a 4K TV has. And it results in sets so sharp you can barely see the pixels along with your eyes just a few centimetres from the panel.

That is the sort of territory the place the road between reality and a flat picture begins to blur. It’s an extremely immersive experience.

Whereas the world catches up

Sure, you would possibly say it will be years before we begin seeing streamed 8K HDR video on providers like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Samsung QLED 8K has an answer for that too.

Artificial intelligence-infused upscaling enhances “current-gen” video, whether or not it’s 4K, 1080p, 720p and even decrease. This ensures Samsung’s QLED 8K panel isn’t wasted as everybody else scrambles to CATCH-UP with this wonderful TV technology.

The artificial intelligence is used to create detail not there within the original video feed. Noise reduction is then applied to maintain the footage smooth, and sharp edges are restored to supply the crisp impact of a real 8K picture.

Cinema color

QLED 8K panels can also cover 100 per cent of the DCI-P3 color range, which is a fairly astonishing feat. However what’s DCI-P3?

If you see gamuts mentioned in relation to a TV or laptop computer, it usually refers back to the sRGB color standard. That is historically used to judge printers and pc screens. DCI-P3 options a lot deeper tones, and is the colour spectrum the movie business’s color graders use to decide on precisely how blue that sky ought to look within the latest motion blockbuster.

Samsung QLED 8K presents true cinematic color, with empirical proof to prove it. It’s the one LCD TV with this grade of color performance.

Actual blacks

Simply as essential, contrast is wonderful too. Most LCD TVs use a common backlight that shines behind the entire display. This makes it laborious for the set to indicate truly deep-looking blacks in a darkened room. There’s always a hint of visible light.

Samsung QLED 8K makes use of micro-LED dimming, letting the TV manage the brightness of every little space of display screen space. Even in a cinema room, the blacks of the numerous space scenes in Gravity will look just as inky as they need to. A lot darker even than they might in most UK cinemas too.

After all, most of us haven’t painted the partitions of our living rooms black for the cinema “bat cave” impact, and Samsung QLED 8K is prepped for that actuality. The contrast auto-corrects for ambient light conditions and is even prepared for full-on direct daylight. Because even if you’re watching a film indoors, who desires to keep the curtains closed on a gorgeous sunny day?

A very dynamic picture

Very excessive peak brightness is partly to thank for Samsung QLED 8K’s capability to cope with daylight. These are among the brightest consumer displays on earth.

Add very deep blacks with ultra-bright whites and you’ve got the perfect formulation for the very best HDR footage ever seen.

A few of you still may not have seen high dynamic range footage in person but, and Samsung QLED 8K presents nearly the very best we’ve experienced. HDR video retains extra information within the brightest areas, and 10-bit color permits for deeper, richer tones.

Motion pictures and TV shows look extra vibrant, extra alive, with out the cartoonish look that outcomes from merely ramping-up color saturation.

Samsung QLED 8K support HDR 10+, for even better preservation of highlight and color element. You simply can’t beat the detail and realism of an HDR video stream.

Living room ready


The Samsung Q900R is constructed for a real-life living room too, not one which has had all the pieces sacrificed in favour of the cinema experience. Its One Connect box lets you hold attached units out of sight, with only a single “near-invisible” cable popping out of the TV itself.

It cuts down lounge clutter too. The Q900R’s One Remote can control your different entertainment gear. All these old remotes are able to be chucked in a drawer.

You don’t have to tap away at buttons for control either. Simply press the voice assistant button and you can ask for content using the remote’s mic. The TV learns your tastes, and presents suggestions based mostly on what it thinks you’ll like.

It’s a pro at looking great on the wall as well. The Ambient mode creates a picture for the display that fades into the identical color as your walls. No longer does your TV need to be a giant black gap in your lounge. Plus, it switches off when no-one’s about.

The Samsung Q900R’s room-ready capability goes even further. Artificial intelligence optimises the sound to suit the shape and acoustics of your room, so it can sound great regardles of the room design.

All this sounds like tech of the future. However it’s right here now. You’ll get all the advantages of QLED 8K with Samsung’s Q900R TVs. Prices start at a £4999, which is surprisingly sensible when you think about the generational leaps made.