Technology as part of life

The developments in audio, apps, smartphones, tablets, lighting, home automation are going very fast and are really exciting! Binge-watching series with friends, adapting the color of light in your home, voice commanding your TV to play favorite movies, it’s all possible. Technology is so integrated in our lives, you hardly stop to think about how it’s all connected and why it ‘just’ works?

Technology at sea

When you’re at sea, these questions are more front of mind. At sea, Wi-Fi is not a given, you cannot just turn a TV on and watch anything you want, voice commands suddenly don’t work. All of the things you don’t even think about at home, require planning ahead at sea.


Integration is key

For any vessel, in order to make technology work like at home, integration is key. This means both physical and systems integration.


Physical integration is key, because space on a vessel is not as freely available as in a home. When you want to listen to music, you need speakers. In a home you would place these anywhere, in a boat these need to be integrated into the ceiling, where you also have the HVAC, sprinkler systems and electricity. As anyone will understand, the placement of speakers is crucial when it comes to sound.


System integration is needed, because all the individual systems use the IT network and need the ability to be connected to any room. At home, you can turn on the radio in any room you like and it will receive a signal. On a vessel, the radio will be received in a central location and needs to be distributed to all locations where you might want to enjoy music. This is why all audio, video, security, GSM, UHF, Wi-Fi, etc. are all connected on to the same network.


Technology on Superyachts

Superyachts are the ultimate luxury. They offer privacy, mobility and freedom that is truly unique. Clients are used to highly exclusive products and services and desire the same on a yacht. This means the expectations are extremely high. Things should ‘just’ work like they do on land, services need to be provided as if on land and all this puts pressure on those on board.


How to have AVIT as if you’re at home?

In order to have AVIT perform as if you’re at home, you need to design a system that ‘just’ works. With design, comes design thinking. You need to know who will do what, where, how and why. So, if your daughter will spend a lot of time in the lounge listening to her streaming music, it means the room will need good Wi-Fi, you need a broadband internet connection for your yacht, you need an amplifier and speakers in the room and there should be an easy to set up wireless connection to the system.

Imagine this for all sorts of activities in all available spaces onboard and you start to get a sense of the huge puzzle that AVIT integration needs to solve.


Have your AVIT create an experience

Having an AVIT-installation onboard is not just integrating technology. It is about fulfilling the dreams of the crew and owners. By working closely with suppliers, clients and designers, VBH stays on top of what is important for everyone. By stimulating joint projects and collaboration, we get the best of different worlds. E.g. integrating technology in ways that convey emotion, by using technology as a living material, as a texture.

VBH and Crestron Framework Agreement Resized


A lot has changed since VBH started installing technology on yachts in the sixties. Yachts are now bigger, AV equipment is everywhere and IT networks are connecting everything. As a company, we do much more than just audio these days. Satellite reception, subscriptions, signal distribution, GSM, UHF, screens, movie theatres, IT, networks, programming, UI design, custom user experiences, signature pieces, security, software solutions, etc. As the market and the possibilities change, so do we.


Examples of subtle applications are automated sequences for watching movies or TV shows, where light settings are automatically adjusted based on activities. More extravagant examples are interactive bars, walls and hallways that use screens to display content which transforms spaces. Instead of such screens being only in use for movies or TV, we use them as interactive backgrounds for moods. They can add depth and meaning to a space. Think of yoga sessions, parties, dinners, business meetings, etc.


VBH transforms entertainment onboard superyachts into a luxurious experience using innovative technology and intuitive controls. How to create the most compelling experience onboard, with all new features, trends and threats? We create the AV, IT, lighting, control, communication and security solutions of tomorrow by working closely with a wide network of suppliers and implementing the most innovative products. VBH installations become an integral component of the lives of those who spend time onboard. With a team of 160 dedicated specialists, offices worldwide and 24/7 support, we are always ready to provide a premium service.

Remote system support

You do not want any surprises on board. Some problems are not visible, but can cause a lot of annoyance. With special remote system support you have a proactive way of control your AVIT system onboard. From a distance everything is monitored by a team of AVIT specialists and there will be a monthly reporting on systems. Good to know: there are Service level agreements available at VBH and there are reduced rates for SLA clients. VBH’s service-level agreements define the level of service you can expected from us and offer peace of mind regarding your onboard systems. We have a range of different SLAs in place to ensure the exact coverage you want.


Technology offers many ways of improving life on board

Reliability, convenience and simplicity are key points of attention, and bring many innovation opportunities. Technology offers many ways of improving life onboard for different clients. By combining and integrating multiple technologies, we bring new capabilities to live. Building such complex systems, while keeping usage and interaction simple is something VBH always focuses on.


VBH has three global service offices, enabling us to swiftly dispatch our field service engineers anywhere in the world when on board maintenance is required. We know how important it is to be close to our clients – that’s why there are VBH offices in Fort Lauderdale and Antibes in addition to our HQ in Amsterdam.



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