YachtCloud has announced their latest collaboration with the internationally renowned Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen. Offering the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Charging Pad as the new standard wireless Qi charger for YachtCloud’s GEST service call system, the latest collaboration delivers the ultimate luxury technology experience for GEST clients around the world.

Speaking of the collaboration, YachtCloud’s Roel van der Zwet says: “At YachtCloud we are always looking for innovative partnerships in the luxury tech sphere that make sense for our clients and align with the high-quality of our products. Bang & Olufsen is a world-leader in the market with a product range that embodies our own ideals when it comes to next-level luxury technology. We couldn’t be happier to work with the Bang & Olufsen team to deliver an enhanced user-experience to GEST clients.”

Fast wireless charging

The Beoplay Charging Pad by Bang & Olufsen makes wireless charging easy. One of the fastest wireless Qi charging systems on the market, the pad offers up to 10W charging in fast mode. Finished in black and silver and measuring just 88 x 88 x 9.9 mm, the discreet design is totally portable and the ideal addition to luxury environments.

“Made from premium, durable materials like leather, silicon and aluminium, our Beoplay Charging Pad has been constructed with both longevity and form in mind,” explains Inge Caron, Senior B2B Manager at Bang & Olufsen. “Excellent craftsmanship and refined quality are of the utmost importance in every Bang & Olufsen product, which is why our latest collaboration with the creators of GEST is a seamless fit. We’re looking forward to continuing a great relationship with the YachtCloud team to deliver a true enhanced high-end technology customer experience in superyachts and luxury environments around the world.”

GEST: luxury service like no other

GEST is a complete service call system built for luxury environments. A stylish and customisable device delivered with unparalleled technological capability, features include Wi-Fi communication, wireless Qi charging, location-awareness, iPhone/iPad/iWatch connection, multi-touch lenses, future-proof software updates and more.

Looking forward to introducing the latest GEST collaboration to current and future system owners, Van der Zwet concludes: “We’re extremely proud to offer the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Charging Pad as the new standard wireless Qi charger for GEST. The design is sleek, the craftsmanship is outstanding and the performance is second-to-none. We’re confident that our clients will notice the difference and we look forward to working with the Bang & Olufsen team more in the future.”

For more information on GEST and YachtCloud’s collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, contact the YachtCloud team.

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