As technologies compete to create the perfect immersive experience in media rooms and private cinemas, Qualtron takes a look at the Altitude series from Trinnov, experience a new world of sound.

Screens have become sharper and sharper, but the sound is a true source of the immersive sensation. This is where the Trinnov’s Altitude32 comes in: with class-leading speakers and room correction, as well as comprehensive and flexible bass management.  The Altitude provides unrivalled performance and flexibility for the most demanding AV applications.

Unlike all other AV processors, that rely on third-party DSP chips, the military spec, quad-core, Intel processor running the Altitude32 is not limited by engineering decisions based on price.

The Linux based TrinnovOS offers no such constraints, so since 2014 Trinnov has been able to render all 34.1 channels of Dolby Atmos, 30.2 channels of DTS:X Pro and all 14 channels from Auro3D. Additional processing of up to 64 channels is available for multiway speakers and multiple subwoofers. The Altitude platform handles any speaker and subwoofer configuration and is calibrated with the addition of the Altitude48 Extension.

Experience a world of sound

The benefit of having more channels isn’t limited to having more speakers. It also unlocks opportunities to create multiple layouts from a single processor using any of the 29 selectable presets. An example of this would be a 9.X.6 solution for use with a projector in one direction and maybe a smaller 5.1 system for use with a LED screen in another position in the same room. The possibilities are almost endless, without the limitation imposed by a pre-printed DSP chip, the Altitude can assign any speaker to any function depending on the configuration required.

At the highest level, more flexibility does come with some added complexity. Trinnov has overcome this by adding its setup wizard. This time-saving step by step setup method will give you a lot of the performance in less time.  Future-proof, thanks to a 5-year warranty, exchangeable HDMI boards, additional channels and free of charge software updates.

Finally, every effect is in the right place and the bass is best optimised to the room thanks to Trinnov’s unique and proprietary 3D measurement microphone. By precisely measuring the position of speakers in the room, and analysing the bass response across the listening area, every member of the audience benefits from much the same listening experience. This makes for a truly immersive space that everyone will enjoy.

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