Every once in a while, something comes along, that tears up the rulebook and revolutionises an industry. This is one of those moments: the Satellite Modular Laser System from the Visionaries of the display industry – Digital Protection.

Satellite MLS offers a small number of simple building blocks that provide users with a wide range of applications, from individual projector systems to complex multichannel domes, 3D caves and simulators.

The essential element of this new system is the separation of the light source and the actual projection system. The projection head is compact, quiet, light and uses very little power.  By separating the projection head from the light source and connecting both with up to 100m long, stable, flexible fibre optic cables, the latest innovation from Digital Projection offers the installer many more options, especially with limited space and access.

Game Changing Projection

Whether in a many-to-one or one-to-many configuration, the ultra-compact design of the projection head guarantees that every user benefits from the smallest, lightest, brightest and quietest projectors on the market. When comparing the Satellite MLS system with traditional integrated projectors, the ease of installation and maintenance speak for themselves.

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