Reduced consumer demand and challenges in sourcing parts have made it impractical to continue to offer components for Kaleidescape Premiere systems. Declining sales of DVD and Blu-ray discs have led to decreased interest in products that play movies in these formats. It has also become very difficult to procure certain parts necessary to manufacture products that play DVDs and Blu-ray discs.  However, Kaleidescape will continue to offer technical support, hardware repair, and software releases, as necessary.

With the recent news of Kaleidescape discontinuing their PREMIERE range this summer you may be looking to embrace the Strato system or trying to future proof your Premiere system so it still has a few more years in it.

You can upgrade your U1 or U3 Premiere system now, but note that there are LIMITED PRODUCTS available.  Kaleidescape will be accepting orders on new Premiere line components up to July 30th 2020.

Perhaps now is the time to retire your Premiere and embrace the all-digital Strato system. You then will be able to buy your films from the Marine Movie Store and they will be delivered right on your yacht.

Or, alternatively, add a Strato System to your Premiere using Co-Star. This is a great combination of hardware and software that literally combines your Premiere and Strato libraries into a single entity.

Using the 4K on-screen interface of the Strato you can browse and search a single movie library in glorious 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second. Should you select a movie that resides on the Premiere system, the Co-Star switch will intelligently switch you over to the Premiere Player and begin playback of the movie. When you go back to your collections screen you have been intelligently switched back again to the Strato player.

Make your decisions now, but don’t miss the final date of 30th July 2020.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Qualtron on or via phone +49 4331 43 79 057

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