Digital On-board radio Blueprint Summer 2019

On-board safety and security is of paramount importance to the high-profile owners of superyachts. There are many threats to privacy and security that exist, especially in today’s hi-tech world and the VIPs that own and utilise these vessels need assurance that themselves, their family and their guests will be protected and kept safe. Therefore, the communications used on-board superyachts are pivotal. Radio systems play an integral role for crew, enabling them to efficiently and effectively monitor security processes and also to assist with daily tasks. Radios enable the crews to stay in constant contact, to share vital information and to ensure that the bigger picture is always available, enabling better vessel management.

In 2016, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) introduced new regulations for on-board communications. Superyacht owners must ensure that their radio networks comply with regulations and that they are secure and reliable.

With over 30 years’ experience in the maritime communications market, DCRS is one of the leading industry innovators in radio services at sea.  As a digital and mobile radio specialist, DCRS works extremely closely with clients to ensure that their project is managed from conception right the way through to sea trials and beyond. All radios are SOLAS compliant and feature the very best audio quality available on the market. DCRS is highly experienced in the installation of radio communication systems and applications in new builds and also re-fits of legacy systems.

DCRS’ products and solutions are focused around the security and seamless operations on board superyachts. In 2019 and beyond, there are three products that stand out in DCRS’ product range and that have been developed to enhance communications and also situational awareness on board these high profile vessels.



VesselWatch is an Intelligent Radio Solution that aims to supercharge on-board communications through a series of alarm and monitoring applications developed to warn those on-board of adverse changes in vessel, personal situation or weather conditions. This is designed to keep guests and crew safe and ultimately, to save lives. Capable of linking to an increasing number of systems and solutions, it is fast becoming the industry standard for 50m plus vessels.  With the increasing number of systems, alarms and alerts, crew can often be seen carrying DECT and smart phones, pagers and two-way radios.  VesselWatch is designed to be agile, adaptable, tailored to suit individual needs and budget-friendly.

VesselWatch offers a series of alarm and monitoring applications:

Drone Detection: The rising popularity of drones, as well as the sophistication of waypoint planning and extended range creates a unique problem for the luxury marine industry.  Privacy is impacted and safety on-board is compromised.  Leading drone detection systems provide the crew with an alert when a drone is detected.  This typically takes the form of an email sent to key user accounts.  If the individual does not have access to their emails at the point of detection, the alert could be redundant.  VesselWatch provides the solution by delivering the message to the team’s radio either by voice alert or discreet text message.  This is alert can be escalated if no response is received to ensure action is taken.

Lock Down: VesselWatch has incorporated door access control and alerts.  Through collaborations with industry leading manufacturers including Paxton Access this integration opens the ability to monitor and control doors via your two-way radios.  Whether this is a simple door status check or to lockdown specific areas on-board to provide safe zones for the owner and guests.

Call Buttons: The range and availability of call buttons has seen a dramatic rise in the last 2 years.  VesselWatch is able to seamlessly integrate with all major manufacturers including MING and the new GEST call button.  The functionality varies based on available finishes and feedback requirements.  VesselWatch alerts the interior team via their two-way radio and ensures, when accepted, that only one steward attends the request.  This simple approach avoids additional hardware such as pagers and ensures an enhanced level of service on-board.

Task Management: The size and complexity of the modern superyacht places additional organisational and management pressures on the team leaders.  VesselWatch continues to adapt, ensuring greater control is available to the crew, owners and managers by offering task management through your two-way radio system. Tasks can be tracked with greater accuracy and crew workload can be staggered and reported on if required.



The MOTOTRBO Digital SLR 1000 Repeater is made for superyachts with its IP65 Rating for water protection you can install this compact unit both indoors or out. Moreover, the low power, fanless design uses less space and energy.

Leading the way in innovative Digital Two-Way Radio products the MOTOTRBO SL Series of Digital Hand portable Radios (SL1600 / SL2600 / SL4600) offer advanced functionality within a sleek design making it an ideal communications partner for superyachts.

MOTOTRBO is supported by innovative and award-winning software apps which can enhance client satisfaction, monitor security processes and ensure you are meeting regulatory compliance:

  • Receive emergency alarms/alerts such as fire alarm notifications directly to your MOTOTRBO Digital Two Way Radio
  • Pair with the MOTOTRBO Job Ticketing Application to make this two-way digital radio the ultimate crew assistant
  • Link with WIFI call buttons to offer swift client satisfaction
  • Options to integrate into other software applications such as crew call area available.
  • Ultra-Slim – The SL Series iconic design redefines hand portable radios, with their slim form factor they can be carried easily in a pocket or bag without catching or bulging.
  • Covert and Discreet When It Counts – Make discreet communications easier; covert mode turns off the display, visible LEDs and audible tones. Vibrate alert is another option for discreet communications.
  • Intuitive Display – with a quick glance screen and a flexible menu interface you can easily navigate the SL Series hand portables at a glance allowing you to concentrate on your client’s requirements or day to day tasks.



A quick and easy to deploy TETRA solution, DIMETRA EXPRESS has taken many markets by storm with its simplified 15-minute installation process. Everything required is featured within one compact, stylish box which is ideal when there are limitations on space and discrete installation is required.  The DIMETRA MTS 1 Base Station is ideal for indoor and outdoor installations, encapsulated within an IP66 weather resistant enclosure and withstanding wide ambient temperatures from -40 to +55 Celsius. The system is supported by a small form factor TETRA ST7500 compact radio measuring just 139mm, it is a sleek & undemanding hand portable to wear.

This revolutionary digital radio system is also backed up with a range of software applications to enhance your on-board/crew operations such as:

Alarm Integration – monitor and respond swiftly to on-board alarms such as: vessel, alarms, lone worker, man overboard and adverse weather.

Web-based dispatch solution – to assist your crew with daily tasks and confirmation that they have been completed.

Text messaging facilities – allowing for short pre-defined messages to be dispatched to radio users.

Ability to make VoIP telephone calls – outside of your network to owners, emergency services and support teams around the world.

Options to integrate into other 3rd party software applications such as crew call, voice recording, GPS tracking are available.

Rugged Design: Made for the sea and built to MIL-STD 810 D/E/F/G standards with IP65 and IP67 rating and up to 22 hours of battery life for long working shift patterns.

Simple Controls: With its intuitive user interface, tactile buttons, simple keypad and bright OLED display, the ST7500 allows users on-board to respond to daily task requests and notifications immediately, leading to greater client satisfaction.

Vibration Alert: Discrete operation. The ST7500 delivers communications discretely whilst you are interacting with clients to ensure it does not distract you from your tasks.

Peace of mind within your budget

DCRS’ range of intelligent radio solutions deliver constant connectivity with smart, simple and affordable systems that enable vessel owners to meet their duty of care and crew to offer faster response rates, streamlined operations and better control over the multi-faceted aspects of the superyacht itself. DCRS offers a tailored approach so that every system implemented fits your unique requirements, offering support throughout design and installation and constant technical support, no matter where in the world your travels take you.

Written by Helen tech writer for Superyacht Technology Ltd

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