In Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine, we had the opportunity to talk to Alan Platt about radio hardware.

Frequency Overcrowding has nothing to do Hardware

The UHF frequency range is 403 to 470. There is no difference between a transmission from an Analogue, DMR or Tetra based radio and therefore any issue with overcrowded airwaves is not due to DMR it is due to a lot of people operating within the UHF frequency on a wide array of differing radio standards.

Professional vs Play

We have a been talking to a number yachts who have been supplied with radios on PMR 446, essentially an unlicensed radio frequency that is for kids toys and fishing trips and not for professionals.

If you’re sold radios by a company on PMR 446 as professional radios you should report them to Ofcom or relevant country regulator, they will lose the licence to trade and help clean up our industry supply chain.

So what a good supplier look like? We talk to a Platinum Status supplier who has provided hardware to some of the UK’s largest commercial projects.

The Right Radio Hardware

Our company was formed in 2008 by 4 people who had worked in the PMR two way radio industry, each for approx. 13 years.  The decision was made to start a company that provided customers with the most suitable solution for their needs and was to be backed up with a first class customer service and support. Too many times we had visited customers who had been provided with a system that was “flavour of the month” or increased commissions were paid to sales reps to supply certain products which were not the most suitable for their needs. This can in many cases require additional investment from customers who have been poorly advised.

The reasoning behind this was simple as we wanted the customers to trust our independent advice which would result in them returning to DCS 2 Way Radio Ltd when their requirements grew or changed.  For us it’s not about just selling a customer a radio system and then moving onto the next we in fact think the opposite and feel that providing the radio system is just the start of the process.  We want to take care of customers on a long term basis so work very closely with them if this is the level of support that they require. We have found that radio systems evolve once the customer recognises the features and benefits that the system provides.

The radio industry has seen many positive changes over recent times with the arrival of digital technology.  This development provides customers with many additional benefits to using radio such as increased coverage, improved audio quality and submersible products.

Our business has gained many happy customers based on this approach and has seen us expand rapidly. We have recently been awarded Platinum status with Motorola in recognition of our achievements. We have also recently moved into a new premises to enable us to expand further with added capacity for new customers.

My Background

Alan Platt

Having served in the British Army for 5-years I decided it was time for a new challenge.  I found myself with a number of job offers but I decided to take the opportunity presented to me from the two way radio industry. During my 13 years working for the same company I worked my way up through the various different departments such as workshop, hire, sales and branch manager to eventually become a company director. 

I then took up the position of company director at DCS 2 Way Radio as I could see opportunities within the two way radio market and believed we could provide customers with solutions that best suited their requirements. During this time we have recruited a great team of people and have continued to grow even through the tough times of the recession that we have experienced in recent times

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