The superyacht communication technology specialist, CST Luxury, has added a sophisticated wireless Wi-Fi call button to its innovative product range. Designed and developed to meet yacht-specific needs, the new call button will be presented to the industry at this year’s Super Yacht Network. Well known for their work within the hospitality industry, CST Luxury’s solutions are now featured on well-known super yachts, numerous luxurious homes, and a further cross-section of industries.

Onboard integration and actual usage have been at the forefront of the design and development. Available as a 4 or 1-button device, a key feature of the new call button is its ability to visually display, through coloured LEDs, when a message is both processing and has been acknowledged by a member of staff. The technology works seamlessly with other CST products, providing a completely seamless solution. In addition, it also supports Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) text messaging, allowing direct messages from a variety of DMR radios, including Hytera and Motorola. Plus, the ability to send POCSAG messages directly to paging systems or CST software.

CST Luxury’s Imperial Call Button collection represents innovation in the world of wireless call button communication. The call button allows reliable and subtle communication to be discreet, stylish, and easy to use. Operating on Radio Frequency (RF), our imperial call buttons are simple to install and maintain, without the fear of downtime or interference. Moreover, they can be used standalone or integrated with AV systems such as Crestron.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with luxurious décor, CST Luxury offers a choice of finishings. Personal touches are regularly added to guarantee unique pieces. The casing is manufactured from only the highest quality materials and finished with precise craftsmanship. A bespoke design can then be completed with personal insignia and engraving on the plating or the leather itself.

CST Luxury are looking forward to introducing the latest in the Imperial Call Button range to both current and prospective clients. Bridging the communication gap between staff and guests, whilst providing peace of mind, they strive to deliver superior solutions that make a difference.

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