Following meeting at our Superyacht Technology Tech Round Table in Amsterdam on 13th November we introduce to you to a new expert in the field of superyacht technology.  Ash Robinson is the new account manager for the superyacht market within DCRS.  


Established in 1987, DCRS has become one of the UK’s market leaders in the hire, sales and service of voice and data radio communication systems to clients throughout the UK and Europe. 


With technical excellence and accreditations for quality assurance, health and safety and product support, DCRS can offer exceptional client service by combining their technical and operational expertise, resources and commitment throughout your product and systems lifetime.  


Their dedication to clients’ needs and commitment to delivering pioneering technology continues to enhance their reputation within their sector and is further strengthened by the product manufacturers they support; Motorola, Vertex, Hytera, Icom and Kenwood who are all known for their outstanding reliability, quality and expertise. 


Ash Robinson talked to SYTN in more detail about his role within the business and what they can offer to superyacht clients.  The growth of DMR stems from 2008 when Motorola launched the first digital radio.  Of course, other manufacturers soon followed suit.  Currently, most radio systems are both digital and analogue compatible.  They are developed to use analogue first and then can be reprogrammed to digital.     


Ash’s support to superyacht clients includes using his in-depth knowledge, qualifications and due diligence to assist them to pick the right supplier.  Working through their manufacture’s systems benefits, but also considering the superyacht clients needs for aesthetics, cost and their own personal history of what they have used before.  He will spend time identifying what current system is in place, what the infrastructure of the radio usage will be, the number of radios required and the channels.  Other things to consider, and which can all be offered are the need for vibrating belt clips, long battery life, size of the handset, private calls and text messages.   


Depending on the size of the vessel DCRS can offer anything from a pair of radios to 50+ handsets.  Handsets can be individually personalised or they can be used as pool handsets.  There is a three-level encryption which means that the radio cannot be intercepted as all the information is scrambled.  


To date, DCRS have always been able to offer exactly what their clients need but they do work very closely with their manufacturer’s research and development departments to ensure that any requests and advancements are considered. 


Ash’s journey into DCRS gives him a great insight into the full usage of radio as he has been the end user.  He originally trained to be a lifeguard and then moved into security.  He worked at one of the major retail shopping malls in the UK from 2005-2012.  It was here that his interest in radio began.  The mall purchased a DCRS system to run their whole site and Ash looked after the system, setting everything up so that they knew where staff members were at all times by the logs on their radios, pulling off reports and essentially assisting with invaluable security information to help with any insurance claims.  His in-depth knowledge of the products was now obvious and in January 2012, DCRS asked them to join them.  As an expert of the benefits of the system Ash initially trained other users in the systems and has now joined the sales team as an account manager.  

He said, “DCRS took a chance on me, and I love my job”.  I don’t think they took a chance, they saw his passion and his expertise.  What more would you want from an account manager?  Contact him for all your radio requirements. 


You can contact Ash through his LinkedIn profile here: 

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