We are witnessing a revolution in the satellite communications industry with the commercial launch of the first LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation Starlink from SpaceX. It has been in development over the last few years along with various others. Starlink is disrupting the communications infrastructure at every level from satellite operator and provider, even the cellular communications operators to the antenna manufacturers and the systems integrators.

For the first time in e3’s experience as specialists in satellite communications, they are receiving questions from their clients about the new LEO constellation Starlink, which have been prompted by the extreme performance and low price when compared to conventional VSAT. Plus, the fact that this has been developed by Elon Musk the founder of the Starlink project and SpaceX. His own company SpaceX also launches the Starlink satellites using his re-usable rockets. Word has spread like wildfire in the yachting marketplace on the dock and by social media. Some clients have become obsessed!

Read the full White Paper here for the full inside view regarding LEO, MEO and GEO plus much more.

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