The superyacht environment is an extremely exciting place to have a footprint.  Owners and charterers don’t mind spending money but don’t like to waste money.  They are early adopters but demand reliability.  They enjoy getting away but want to leave nothing behind. 

This creates a market for suppliers of goods and services that encourages not only innovation, but strict adherence to the highest levels of quality, performance, and trust. 

Connectivity Mix of the Future

ST Engineering iDirect is focused on efficiency and optimization of satellite connectivity to vessels. The nature of satellite and the fact that it is available anywhere on the planet means that connectivity is pretty much a given at this point, so the objective then becomes how best to make it work for the passengers, crew, and vessel.  There are three trends worth keeping an eye on, and worth asking your communications provider about; Hybridization, Symmetry and Multi-Orbit Capability.

Read the full article online in our Superyacht Technology Winter Blueprint and for more in-depth information contact Andrew Faiola, Head of Mobility, ST Engineering iDirect.