Anyone who has the capacities to invest in a superyacht is also very likely to be interested in other fine things in life, such as art. The marine vessels have always hosted works of art and superyachts, alongside their owners, can often be found in some of the world’s most exclusive art exhibitions.

Similarly, superyachts have always been at the forefront of technological innovations. From advancements in security hardware and software to all-new entertainment systems, the majority of superyachts are havens that any Silicon Valley enthusiast would gladly play around with, given the chance.

For the uninitiated, the merging of these two fields can seem unnatural, improbable, or even impossible. However, art and technology have never been more closely intertwined. Not only is digital art prevalent everywhere but breaking through in tech has never been easier. For those who are both technologically and artistically inclined, exciting projects can always be found.

A seamless merge

When it comes to technology, our first thought is often that of inelegance. Some tech companies have certainly tried to move away from this stereotype yet it seems to persist in the minds of many. Of course, those well-versed in the industry will gladly demonstrate how that is not the case anymore.

Australian company ENESS, for example, recently showcased Lumes, one of its most elegant projects yet. The wall panel contains an array of LED lighting fixtures along with several motion-activated sensors.

The Lumes, which looks like a perfectly normal wall, automatically animates its various shapes and forms whenever someone walks closely by. Once the wall has been installed, its animations can be controlled through specialised software.

Lumes is but one example of the interactive kind of art and technology that has been steadily rising as a top contender over the last few years. It is an early but significant display of customisable pieces of technologically-infused art which only a select few will have the privilege showcasing in their own homes, or superyachts as this case might be.

Right now, ENESS is focusing on wood veneer as the wall’s finishing touch. In the future, however, this will be expanded into additional materials to give decorators more choices to work with. Furthermore, the wall may well be enhanced with a selection of other features, such as touch-sensitive capacities and tactile feedback.

Turning existing structures into works of art

When it comes to art and tech installations in superyachts, one does not need to look into the future for advanced applications. Like ENESS, there are multiple companies who have developed products that perfectly fit into the overall design and atmosphere of superyachts.

Vann Berge Henegouwen has created some fantastic superyacht pieces through their LuxperienceLab label. For instance, they transformed a standard 4-deck elevator into an interactive display which takes owner and guests through multiple journeys.

And even though the sea can be a very tranquil place allowing for many relaxing opportunities, the lab’s yoga mood wall is certainly an exciting alternative. Through the use of technology, anyone on the superyacht can set the scene and relax with an artistic background.

Moving further than that, many superyachts have attempted to turn their private cinemas into something unique. Today, private cinemas under the stars are perfectly achievable and they strike the perfect note between accessible technology and art.

Similarly, Taptl has created transparent displays which can be used as either TVs or touchscreen devices. Superyacht owners have been particularly interested in these displays. These can be installed on a window so that the starry nights can be augmented, or be turned into art displays of their own accord.

Of course, the vessels themselves can also be turned into artistic displays. Oceanco and Van Geest Design, for instance, suggested embedding a vast array of LED lights into a superyacht’s hull, transforming the entire vessel into a beautiful, illuminating display.

A world of possibilities

Of course, mergers of art and technology do not need to have a functional outlook to be appreciated. In fact, the intricacies of the superyacht world allow for some of the most interesting art experiments, most of which are based in new technologies.

The Internet of Things is a particularly interesting area in this regard. Those who can afford the latest and greatest in luxurious items will soon see a substantial selection of IoT items that bring both worlds together. Smart buttons and controllers, for instance, could effectively manage entire interactive displays coupled with multi-room, automated speakers for the ultimate artistic experience.

Technology essentially moves forward in a non-linear manner, and so does art. While it is impossible to predict the trends of the future, it is safe to say that superyachts will be at the forefront of innovation.

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