This is part of a series as there has been so much to talk about and share with you.  The first section of the review is here.

Following on from a delicious lunch provided by our sponsors Excelerate, the auditorium was full again for the afternoon sessions of speakers.  Starting with Chris Insall from ST Engineering iDirect, (our coffee break sponsor) who discussed, the rigorous demands of all onboard systems for stellar performance and assured quality of service along with selecting a service provider which can ensure that a vessel is more than adequately connected for increasingly demanding uses such as two-way traffic, streaming, crew communications, and more.

Following on from Chris was Nick Fichte from L’Accoustics who discussed immersive audio in cinema rooms commercially and at home or sea.  A really interesting TECHtalk about the journey of stereo to spatial and how best to design spatial audio sound spaces in a marine living space outside of a dedicated cinema room.

The brilliant Pietro Cappiello from CMC Marine (our pre-event drinks sponsor) then covered the topic of how you can match market requirements and needs to technology offerings, particularly in the world of superyacht stabilization.

Next up was David Savage from Excelerate who discussed unless you can do things to add value to the new LEO propositions from players like OneWeb and Starlink then there is no way to make money as a reseller and no reason why the LEO players or end users would want you anyway.

Mimo then joined the stage, Jason Robertson and Steve Marsh, who discussed a topic important to our ethos at Superyacht Technology Network, that collaboration and working as a team, inter company and focusing on the strengths of each party, provides the greatest value and experience to the client.  That reliable, robust and flexible connectivity at sea requires an array of technologies to seamlessly work together.  They echoed this by sharing their exhibition space with Celerway and Poynting.

The last slot of the day is always a tough one, but our final speaker James Webb from Ultra Horizon got the tempo just perfect.  He was my personal favourite TECHtalk of the day.  Ultra Horizon are a group of ultra smart, interesting yet humble guys whose goal is connect and secure you and your most precious assets.  In his talk James discussed how to make your yacht and digital infrastructure private and secure.  He did this by highlighting how to break into almost everything due to RFID vulnerabilities.  He demonstrated their latest cryptographic research which gives an insight into how to defeat and break into almost any access card system in existence – and what can be done to protect your vessel from such attacks!  Needless to say none of the audience will need to pay for hotel rooms or underground transport anymore!  

Following on from the end of the first day was our VIP Gala Dinner, a sit-down three-course meal, with a champagne reception sponsored by Akumendo, a cigar bar sponsored by Evolution Yacht Agents and an after-party sponsored by Jaymo.

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