Focused on getting yachting industry players (+24m boats) together with innovation players to drive a collective response to climate challenges, the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous, organised during Monaco Ocean Week under the aegis of the ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach, is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Credit Suisse and the expertise of innovation for sustainable economy specialists, Blumorpho.

Webinars: first discussions and contacts made

With the aim of promoting exchanges in the run-up to the event, the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous offers startups, scaleups and innovation companies the opportunity to meet online to gain a better understanding of all aspects relating to a yacht’s life cycle from R&D to its usage, maintenance and dismantling.

Speaking in turn Marc Hervás, Sustainability Coordinator at MB92 Group, world leader for superyacht refits, repairs and maintenance committed to sustainability, and new technologies for yachting consultant, Laurent Pérignon, these first discussions helped pinpoint the yachting sector’s needs. “Our fleet can be improved in many areas like water treatment, energy efficiency and propulsion systems” says Marc Hervás. “All eyes are on the sector and we have to be proactive and lead change. Companies that want to engage should work on a sustainable development strategy. This should include scope for the creation of partnerships and alliances as they are key to progression towards sustainability.” Every year, more than 500 yachts over 24m are built and as many sold on the second-hand market. Yacht life cycle: key role played by every stage “Every aspect is crucial, from construction to cleaning the yacht. New materials should be used like those which are biosourced,” says Laurent Pérignon who stresses the important role played by regulations in the Luxury Yachting sector. “Any company that manages to be a step ahead of regulations will have an advantage”.

In the current energy context, decarbonisation is only possible if investment decisions are motivated by an environmental conscience shared by all, hence the need to act together. Paris Baloumis, Marketing Director at shipyard Oceanco and Wim Verhoeff, its Project Manager Fleet Support, where ambition is to develop and support the world’s most advanced and inspiring motor and sailing yachts, were among the speakers. All owners want to make the right choice when it comes to sustainability. The only question is how far customers want to push the innovation envelope. Some like proven technologies, while others want to drive the whole industry forward and try technologies that are still untested or unavailable. Either way, owners are now talking about sustainability and so are their children”. Note that the most significant sustainability trend is to move away from fossil fuels. Methanol and hydrogen belong in the new energy sources realm, once transformed into electricity to power the boat.

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