Simon Pearce, our resident Superyacht Sector Specialist here at Superyacht Technology Network spent last week exploring the best of the best in technology at ISE 2022.  Here he talks to us about the buzz of ISE and the success of the Superyacht Technology Network Summit.

“When superyacht technology is mentioned, most people think of VSAT or 4G/5G or perhaps touch screen bridge equipment or even TV and entertainment systems and this has been the way for some time now as the innovators and manufacturers struggle to find routes into the sector. Shows such as ISE have a much wider audience and range of technologies, so we went to the show in Barcelona last week to meet the innovators”, stated Simon.

Having never been to ISE in the show’s previous years, Simon wasn’t sure quite what to expect, technology – yes, but the staggering innovation and range of technologies was incredible and covered all aspects from home to car to office, for resellers and consumers alike. The show also incorporated the IoT World Congress, full of integrators and tomorrow’s technology that will deliver next-level benefits.

“The post-pandemic buzz and willingness to meet meant networking was refreshing and made my job easier as I was there to identify new technologies that have a place in the superyacht market and invite them to the Superyacht Technology Network Show and Conference in Barcelona, Oct 11/12 to showcase their latest products and services to our audience of resellers and VIP buyers and open new channels for them”, Simon added.

From mirrors that become UHD screens to AI security and safety cameras, next-generation system integration platforms,  invisible speakers, environment and system monitoring systems to clear, ultra-thin LED screens that are a designer’s dream will all bring new levels of interest and user experience to the Superyacht Technology Network Show and Conference and open up the spectrum of choice for the world’s top influencers to have onboard.

If you missed ISE, make sure to get involved in the only show and conference focused entirely on superyacht technology, contact Simon or Jack for more information.

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