The reason we are called Superyacht Technology Network is that connecting buyer to sellers is our speciality.  Networking is what we do best, with 60+ years of superyacht experience in the team, here we are at ISE 2022 hosting the Superyacht Technology Network Summit, with global technology thought leaders, technology speakers and superyacht industry experts.

This is the perfect adaption for the traditional ISE visitor to be able to place a foot into the superyacht industry.  With both sides so much to learn from each other our networking skills bring this together.

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Introduction to the Superyacht Technology Network Summit

The day started with an introduction to the Summit by Jack Robinson, Founder of Superyacht Technology Network.  Jack opened the event with an introduction to the future of the superyacht industry and to the future of Superyacht Technology Network, stating that “we are in a transitional phase towards collaboration with owners’ experience at the centre of the industry”.

“We don’t believe in companies who disrupt the relationships in the industry between yards, integrators and manufacturers.  We believe the only disruption should be disruptive technology”, he also added. Let’s look at what the big issues are in the industry and solve them together, and let’s lead by example to other industries.  Jack also discussed our collaboration with Onboard Online and Superyacht Times, proving that we truly do practise what we preach.

Summit Jack Robinson


Divergent Yachting

Followed by a great conversation led by Derek Monroe, Director of Divergent Yachting. discussing the process of building a new superyacht from concept through design, construction and delivery.

Summit Derek Monroe



Goran Antonijevic, Director of Marine Sales at Sonance talked about how do you want your audio to look?  With a TECHtalk entitled ‘Superyacht Audio – Designed to Disappear’ he discussed delivering the ultimate audio experience while blending into luxurious environments. Addressing the challenges of delivering quality, durable audio solutions and working within the constraints of the yacht build. How to deal with evermore challenging demands for the use of modern technology without compromising luxury design.
Sonance Summit

Pelion Consulting

Richard Hodder, CEO & Co-Founder Pelion Consulting spoke next discussing cyber security coming more into the mainstream.  Are we ready, as humans, to face and deal with the ever-changing and increasingly complex threats and issues presented by technology and those who want to disrupt?
Pelion Summit

Crestron Electronics

Daniel Kerkhof, Crestron Electronics, Director Crestron Marine was up next with a TECHtalk entitled How a major AV player became successful in the superyacht industry.’ This is a great example of exactly why we think it is important for the Superyacht Technology Network Summit to take place during ISE.  The proof that mainstream technology businesses can adapt to be a success in the superyacht arena.
Daniel’s TECHtalk focussed on the fact that the superyacht market typically grows 25% year on year, yet achieved a 45% growth in 2020. Most of the companies in this market are purely focused on the yachting space. Many AV manufacturers, by contrast, serve a large number of broad sectors and may see the private superyachting space as very small and specific. However, despite perhaps looking like a bit of a unicorn, Crestron has become the leader in this small but lucrative market segment.  Daniel answered “How did we get into this position and what do we do to stay relevant and successful in the ever-emerging superyachting market? Of course, the key to this is not one single thing, but in this talk, we will go over the most important factors”.
Crestron Summit

Loisto Pro Oy

Niilo Hautala, Chief Executive Officer at Loisto Pro Oy, said “Can we integrate the future today and to what extent? Let’s talk about it.”  Covering system-specific technology architecture towards holistic systems thinking, he discussed how the technology solution starts evolving straight away from the architect’s model and the design work of the subsystems.  Loisto Pro offer a dynamic superioHUB platform with an active database, it offers endless opportunities to create stunning and useful control and monitoring applications for a variety of needs which can be monitored on the guest’s mobiles or using a controller.

Loisto Summit

Samsung Electronics Europe

Kris Hogg, European Business Manager – Luxury Living at Samsung Electronics Europe, tackled the topic of why AV is more than just screens and audio. New display technology and integration software are enabling new and unique experiences onboard. Kris looked at how recent developments in display technology have enabled the superyacht industry to redefine how onboard AV technology is used to create a complete guest journey from 1st stepping foot on board to the day they depart.



Watermark Yacht Management

Unfortunately, we did have one departure from the schedule, Feargus Bryan, Director of Watermark Yacht Management was due to join us to talk about the challenges and the opportunities for both sides of the industry and the role of the Superyacht Technology Council in driving this.  Last-minute Feargus was called upon by the Royal Family, we can’t really argue with that….!

Full room Summit

In Summary

If you missed the Summit, make sure you do not miss the Superyacht Technology Network Show & Conference in Barcelona on the 11th and 12th of October 2022.  This 2-day event will be even bigger and even better, with 400+ delegates and up to 100 exhibitors.  Get your tickets now before we run out ….. tickets are available here.

We would like to say thank you to all the speakers, attendees and of course to Mike Blackman and the team at ISE.  We hope to be able to host this smaller intimate Summit alongside ISE every year, and we hope to see you there too.  Thank you for the full room and the incredible feedback so far.  We will share more with you all soon.

Summit    Summit




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