Total systems supplier VETUS has introduced two new ISO-compliant tank inspection ports.

Featuring an enhanced lid design and glass fibre reinforcement, the ILT120B and ILT120X meet ISO small craft standards for permanently installed fuel systems and petrol/diesel fuel tanks.

ISO 21487, the standard for fuel tanks, includes a stringent fire test and sets specific measurements for the fuel tank’s inspection lid to minimise the possibility of fuel contamination. As installed on a fuel tank, the ILT120(B & X) fully complies with ISO 10088, the standard for fuel systems.

Suitable for use with certified VETUS tanks, including built-in metal tanks, to create a fully compliant system, the universal ports are successors to the large ILT120 inspection port for biodiesel fuel, freshwater and waste-water tanks.

The inspection ports benefit from a unique clamp-and-seal design which simplifies installation and facilitates easy opening, inspection and cleaning of the tank. Depending on the positioning of the tank, it can be possible to inspect the tank interior whilst maintaining the connections.

Both models have a counter flange and a rubber seal which are inserted into a 159mm hole in the tank, with the recommended VSAW159 hole saw available separately. The four supplied bolts are tightened to compress the rubber seal to ensure perfect sealing.

With an internal aperture of 120mm, both ports are suitable for GRP, stainless steel and plastic tanks with different wall thicknesses.

The ILT120B can be used with biodiesel (up to B10), freshwater and waste-water tanks, while the ILT120X with Viton gasket set is suitable for use with petrol or biodiesel fuel exceeding B10.

The black blind plate can be replaced without alterations by using connection kits ILTCONF38 (diesel fuel tanks), ILTCOND (freshwater tanks) and ILTCONW (wastewater tanks).

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