Searching for efficient and economical ways to sustain your superyacht can be tricky – recently, researchers may have found a way!

Researchers have been working on way to incorporate energy-harvesting technology into windows. However, there has been a breakthrough in research which scientists have developed a technique to embed silicon nanoparticles into luminescent solar concentrators.  Basically, the system can trap all the useful frequencies of light and direct them into the edge of the window where the small solar cells can be used to capture the energy.

However, it maybe ‘not-new-tech’, but what makes it new is the use of Silicon. Adding Silicon nanoparticles open a new world of solar possibilities. One of these is to take a step closer to the possibilities have more affordable photovoltaic windows and capture significant amount of energy.

 “This will make LSC-based photovoltaic windows a real technology for the building-integrated photovoltaic market without the potential limitations of other classes of nanoparticles based on relatively rare materials,” adds Francesco Meinardi, physics professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca

The tech is easily concealed and incorporating the renewable materials into construction is said to be easy – the future hopes to see skyscrapers in cities as solar farms. We look forward to seeing this technology develop in the future of the superyacht industry.