The problem with the Zeitgeist, is the Zeitgeist. Meaning, once something grabs the attention there is sometimes no stopping it. Cybersecurity for superyachts is one such issue; 2 years ago, when G3 first entered this market, the issue was little discussed. Over the intervening period things have changed in the publicity given the issue, and may now be changing dramatically. In fact, it may have crossed over from awareness to alarm; from helpful to hypeful.

Some things are true. Superyachts are increasingly reliant on technology and connected to the internet 24/7. Anything which is connected is potentially vulnerable and security should be an integral consideration. Superyachts are subject to cyber-attacks, and owners and guests are losing money and sensitive personal and corporate documents.

Some things however, remain misleading – at least so far off the scale as to be effectively so. It is, theoretically, possible to hack into a navigation system. It is, theoretically, possible to use this to divert the boat. It is, theoretically, possible to take over other yacht control systems. It is, by the rule of halves, theoretically impossible fully to close a door. I suspect my doors are closed.