From crew members to owners and guests, everyone on a superyacht uses an array of different devices with Internet connectivity for numerous tasks, both of professional and personal qualities. Subsequently, being connected to the internet is a vital aspect of any yacht which must be maintained in an efficient and cost-effective manner for those involved.

The superyacht problem

The combination of devices spread across multiple users presents a unique challenge to maintaining a reliable mobile data plan for superyachts. RoamingExpert, who have more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the telecommunications industry, inform us that it is not unusual to see over 250GB of usage in a single month for a yacht, especially in peak season.

While that may not be an issue by itself, problems start to present themselves when the data plans cannot afford such high usage without exorbitant costs. Thus, RoamingExpert have created a specialised range of mobile roaming solutions for the superyacht industry.

Cost avoidance via effective plans

RoamingExpert have seen many occasions where superyachts have far exceeded their set data plans and have been charged tens of thousands as a result. Such horror stories are not uncommon in the industry and so RoamingExpert realised that flexibility was the key to cost avoidance.

RoamingExpert offer either Voice & Data or Data only solutions with two different pricing plans: one for Europe, and one for world use, which includes the Caribbean.

The company has a dedicated tool on their website which allows anyone to use simple sliders to create a personalised package and receive a proposal based on those choices.

All RoamingExpert’s plans are totally flexible and can be altered on a monthly basis if or when required. A superyacht might have the need for additional data in August, for example, but it might want to decrease it substantially for September. RoamingExpert’s team monitors data usage daily and sends alerts whenever a superyacht is approaching their plan’s limits while offering options to increase the quantity or cap the usage.

A strong response by the industry

RoamingExpert came into this market in March 2015 and quickly rose through the ranks. By 2016, it was the data SIM service provider for 206 yachts. In 2017 alone, it has already provided its services to 148 yachts with new enquires being received every day.

Mark Pattman, Managing Director of RoamingExpert, is known for his policy of always being available to talk to existing and potential clients about the company’s mobile roaming plans and offer advice on their best course of action.

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