We also visited Amsterdam earlier this month to explore Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). We were on a mission to find the most exciting systems for the superyacht industry, and I think we can safely say Mission Accomplished. Here’s what we found.

1. LG Transparent 55” OLED Display

The centrepiece of LG’s stand, its 55in Transparent OLED display was originally designed with retail environment or art galleries in mind. One for the yacht owner with a hefty art collection, it can enhance any piece beautifully. Products placed behind the screen can be incorporated into the display, alongside many other special effects.

2. CCDL 3D Stereoscopic LED display system

The world’s first 3D stereoscopic LED display system was presented by Central China Display Laboratories, Ltd (CCDL). The system allows 3D motion pictures to be played out on screens as large as a thousand square metre. However, think slightly smaller with the screen and you might find its the perfect investment for the onboard cinema room of the future.

3. Terra Speakers

The US manufacturer displayed its all-weather speakers being pounded by water whilst playing music live at the show, a bold recreation of life onboard. Equipped for all conditions including saltwater and mist, and backed by a limited lifetime guarantee, Superyacht Technology News were impressed by the rugged nature of the product. The company also offers custom design and brand printing, meaning you can match your install to your yacht’s aesthetic.

4. LG Even Bezel Video Wall

LG presented its impressive 0.6mm-thin Even Bezel Video Wall on a massive scale, envisioning its use for high-end billboards or other vast digital screens. However, the Wall could likely be customised to fit any yacht size or design, be it a ceiling, an artistic wall space or anything else an owner could possibly envision.

NB Another of the videowalls that the company showcased was capable of high performance even in spaces with high luminance (eg light exposure), delivering 1,500 nits of brightness. This could be useful for those wishing to watch entertainment in areas of the vessel which lack the full protection of blinds.

5. Valo Motion Augmented Climbing Wall

Finnish game developer Valo showcased the world’s first interactive Augmented Climbing Wall game platform at this year’s ISE. Requiring a climbing wall to get started, it is not exactly just a plug-and-play installation onboard. However, for those who are interested, Refit could be the perfect time to turn a wall of the yacht’s gym area into a climbing one. Then, once you have a wall in place, all you need is the easy-to-setup kit provided by the company to start your augmented climbing experience!

ISE Gallery


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