This month’s ETO X article emphasises that more than ever there is a demand for good technical support, and so providing this should be high up on the priority list for any tech company. But some businesses seem to worry that they will have to compromise somewhere, and will perhaps end up producing lesser products if their main focus moves to the NOC (Network Operations Centre).

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are companies out there who are constantly innovating their products, whilst also running a first-class support service for all customers. However, some may simply not understand what a customer is really looking for from their support.

With that in mind, here’s some tips for achieving the best NOC service…

Design your service with ETOs in mind

When a tech malfunction occurs, as an ETO it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A great support team should act as the first port of call, so ETOs can have peace of mind that there will always be someone friendly to help you when cruising within your coverage area.

Offer flexible installation that fits around the season

A good VSAT manufacturer understands that superyachts can’t always commit to staying in the same place for long. This shouldn’t mean that they don’t get an opportunity for installation. Less is definitely not more when it comes to certified installation centres, and a good goal is to work with your distributors and partners to provide centres spread out over as many yachting sites as possible.

What’s more, keep installation times to a minimum where possible. For example, satellite designer Skytech Research uses military expertise to ensure it takes just one hour to fit its new ultra-small KA-band antenna, meaning crew only face a minor interruption to their day. This world’s smallest VSAT dish guarantees at least 20Mb download and at least 2Mb upload while surfing under very rough sea, meaning no compromise on product either.

Consider your out of office hours care

Official office hours are fine, but as we all know running a superyacht is a 24/7 job, and so you also need cover to reflect this. Having out of hours requests forwarded to a manned mobile phone is one way to show that your support team can be depended upon whatever the time is. Long-lasting parts and labour warranties will also reassure owners that they won’t have to pay out straight away if anything does go wrong.

Prioritise issues so crises are dealt with urgently

High priority incidents and customer requests should always be dealt with more speedily than those classed as medium priority. To achieve this, you will need to create an accurate way of establishing between the two levels, and make sure your support staff are well-trained to recognise the difference. Sticking to this will ensure you are helping all your customers as effectively as possible.

Go remote where possible

Problem solving through Remote Access can make all the difference when removing stress from a worried ETO. It is one less thing for them to do, and removes the worry of any miscommunications which might draw out the process.

As more and more ETOs demand better quality support, the market should follow suit. I hope these tips are useful for any companies looking to get ahead of the curve.

Want to try out the world’s smallest VSAT dish – with free KA – for the summer?

Edoardo Zarghetta
Skytech Research Ltd.
Tower 42