PanPan is a crew watcher that continually assesses if everyone is onboard your yacht using just a smart device and a small beacon.

If there is a man overboard alert, the app will automatically sound the alarm after 3 seconds. The company claim this is the fastest way to rescue a man overboard, andthat it is 30 times faster than the average AIS beacon.

The alarm is activated two ways; either by detecting water or loss of signal. This means even if a crew member gets dragged on by a safety tether on the side of the boat and is technically still in range, the water sensor will make sure the crew is alerted.

The water sensor can also distinguish rain or waves from a man overboard event, hopefully avoiding false alarms.What’s more, because the reliability ofBluetooth connection is not always strong enough to ensure good signal, PanPan also uses what the company calls its‘mesh network’. Data can be repeated over any beacon or smartphone in the PanPan network, allowing the connection to find alternate paths and significantly extend its effective range.

When an alert is confirmed, you are provided with portable and easy-to-follow rescue guidance.Using its MOB compass, PanPan visually guides you back to the point of loss requiring zero input from the user.

The size of the beacon has been designed to mean everyone can use it, even attaching to dog collars so canine friends are protected. Starting at $95 for one beacon, this is available to purchase now at

Watch the video to see how it works in more detail.