Crestron – Integrated by Design

One of the biggest issues with technology on board is the complexity of different systems required for a fully functioning modern yacht. The challenge is integrating lighting, audio, video, environmental systems, networks and communications, navigation interfaces and security in a way that can be easily managed no matter where the boat is located. By integrating all of the disparate systems and devices on board on a single open platform they have the ability to communicate and work together intelligently for the benefit of the shipyard, ETO, integrator, crew and ultimately the client.

With the growing demands of modern life, t
he amount of technology on a yacht is increasing and changing, with more of it on the network. The design and implementation of these technologies is typically done independently and as a result each one operated on a separate platform, adding many layers of complexity and inefficiency.

solid control system solution, managed correctly, should lower costs and boost efficiency thus providing greater comfort, convenience and security. 
In all private yachts, integration is key


ACrestron we build complete automation and control solutions. All of our products are designed, built and guaranteed to work together as a complete system rather than a collection of unrelated parts housed in technology silos. Because our products are purpose based and engineered to work together as a single system, our extensive product line enables us to design the perfect custom solution for any environment or application which is unique to the particular requirements of the yacht owner.

In a more custom environment, like a private yacht, integration is key. All Crestron systems can be displayed on an online dashboard to provide a comprehensive status update at a single glance, and our controllers can be programmed to interact with third party cloud management tools. From system level information right down to device-level event logs like power supplies, everything can be monitored from on board or remotely via any cloud based dashboard. 

An easy and cost-effective way to add remote access to any Crestron control system is to use XPanelXPanel transforms any computer into a virtual Crestron touch screen which communicates directly over IP, no special server or service fees required.

Crestron 3 Series™ Control Systems provide an open architecture, scalable IP-based platform for implementing fully integrated yacht management and automation. These network grade appliances unify the entire Crestronecosystem and our Ethernet switches connect all systems and devices to our control system on the managed network. All systems run independently and communicate with each other on the same platform, creating a truly smart home on the sea.

Crestron's advanced control processor

Remote Monitoring Software

Powered by the cloud, our Residential Monitoring Service,, enables you to centrally monitor and manage Crestron 3-Series systems with ease, identify issues, and resolve them faster, keeping the customer happy. All of the Crestron systems are displayed on an online dashboard to provide a comprehensive status update at a single glance. From there it’s possible to drill down to the system level information which can then be seen by the ETO or Crestron support.

Crestron Fusion is a software package that adds a layer of intelligence to the system, turning a private yacht into a high performance yacht.  Fusion is a monitoring and scheduling software that enables global device management, data collection and analytical reporting of all the AV devices on the network. More familiar within the enterprise environment, the principles of remote monitoring and maintenance are clearly relevant in the marine world. Real time alerts can allow proactive management of systems, equipment status and maintenance workflow which help to optimise investments in people, spaces and technology by looking at each room and the devices within.

Crestron Fusion offers standard reports out of the box which provide valuable insight into how rooms, facilities and AV equipment are being used and how energy is being consumed. Custom reports can now be created which track all operations of the equipment in rooms, which are designed to plan for and cost-justify investments.


Crestron's systems can provide insights how facilities are using energy

Global support

By adding the extra layer of software management to the AV system, ETOs and AV integrators can monitor a system 24/7, often pre-empt issues and provide instant support, thus reducing downtime and prevent any inconvenience

Crestron has offices in every major market and country around the globe, each is fully staffed to provide sales, technical support and training, ensuring an identical customer experience wherever you are. The Crestron Technical Institute provides training for everybody relevant in installing, maintaining and updating Crestron systems on board. Crestron True Blue Support is an elite group of dedicated on call engineers and customer support representatives available 24/7 ready to assist you with any technical issues or to be onsite, anywhere in the world if needed. 

Daniel Kerkhof, Marine Division, Crestron EMEA