LINK, specialists in marine monitoring and control solutions, recently announced the release of their latest firmware which includes a complete overhaul of their innovative Simple View interface.

The Simple View screen, available both locally onboard the vessel and remotely via the LINKcloud, removes the complexity of the raw data received about individual components and transforms it into recognisable, easy-to-control devices. Instead of the multiple parameters that can be viewed in the Advanced View screen, with Simple View, the user will see an easy-to-read value, such as a battery status or tank level.

Simple View is not new to LINK, but this latest release includes a graphical Simple View screen based upon the existing MFD, touchscreen and smartphone apps that LINK users will already be familiar with. Not only is this interface easy to read and intuitive but it makes switching between interface devices effortlessly. An engineer that receives an alarm on the crew mess touchscreen can now seamlessly switch over to a PC in the engine room and view exactly what was seen on the touchscreen. From here they can view data about the alarm, check current device properties, or simply dismiss the alarm. Where further investigation is required it’s easy to switch over to Advanced View for a more in-depth analysis of the individual device properties and logs.

Of the newly released Simple View, Will Hopkins CEO of LINK, said “this latest release represents a huge jump forward in what LINK can offer vessels of all sizes. Some of the features are integrated into LINK’s backend and won’t be immediately visible to existing users but our new Simple View will be an obvious change, and one I know will be popular. Not only does it look impressive visually, but it’s also incredibly easy to use, so even crew members that aren’t familiar with the system will be able to use it to monitor and control devices right away”.