Editor’s note: An interesting solution for cost-effective Pay as you sail ECDIS, coming to us tried and tested by over 1500 ships in the commercial sector.

The features within the NaviGate software including AVCS updates, T’s & P’s, ADP integration and paper chart corrections to name a few, will enhance vessel safety at sea. NaviGate is also able to display official AVCS charts on a PC allowing for ease of route planning.

Originally developed in the commercial industry and used extensively by over 1,500 ships, DGM has joined with CAIM to develop a software which is more suitable for the superyacht industry and vessels who want to use PAYS or are currently on PAYS but want a more cost-effective solution. DGM’s Managing Director Steve Monk said, “We appreciate there are other software packages available but it became apparent to us that many are overcomplicated and overpriced”. He went on, “We’re also aware that while many yachts are moving to ECDIS, a large number still carry a reduced paper outfit but don’t want to pay additional costs for software to download corrections to what amounts to a few weekly updates.  NaviGate Software satisfies both the electronic and paper chart requirement and provides a more economical solution with reduced download times, lower software costs and thus less time spent correcting the outfit”.

Delighted to be working alongside DGM with direct professional access to the superyacht industry, Managing Director Marco Cirulli of CAIM said, “ Navigate is a proven and solid back of the bridge solution, providing many services to the navigators onboard commercial ships’.  CAIM takes the benefit to work in the Superyacht market together with DGM to put even more focus on simplicity and efficiency in the use of Navigate, without neglecting the strict compliance to regulations. ”

The NaviGate software will run on a Windows PC and does not require any additional hardware or antennas. Vessels using PAYS will be tracked via AIS or Sat-C and only charged for ENC permits according to the routes they physically sail. One advantage of NaviGate and PAYS is the ability for the navigator to do the passage planning using real AVCS charts with a tidal overlay on his Back-of-Bridge PC then transfer the plan straight to the ECDIS for formal checking.

All services are UKHO approved and can be used for planning and assessing charts needed for the route. Chart corrections with weekly updates and the ability to print tracings, blocks, diagrams, and cautionary notes, combined with chart ordering through the online shopping basket makes NaviGate a fully functional bridge tool.

Furthermore, with the UKHO announcing the withdrawal of their Gateway software in 2020, the inclusion of an eNP reader means the Superyacht navigator can manage their whole outfit from one place whether the yacht is full ECDIS compliant, Paper compliant or a mixture of both.

For further information and to register interest to the service please visit https://dgmaritime.com/navigate