New challenges, new solutions!

Innovating to make things better

March 2020, the world is totally different today and the only thing that is certain is that it will keep changing. For entertainment solutions on board of superyachts, this means that maximum flexibility is needed to be able to accommodate to future changes. Another vital need of ongoing advancement is to keep our air and oceans as healthy and as clean as possible. Genesis Technologies Marine constantly innovates to combine total flexibility with the highest possible energy efficiency for audio solutions on board. We are grateful to operate in a market that favours and potentiates this goal.

As Robert van Tol, executive director of Water Revolution Foundation so saliently wrote: ‘The superyacht industry is in a unique strategic position. We are blessed with extraordinarily influential clients who have the ability to drive sustainability and make a truly positive impact. By co-creating cutting-edge innovations that find their way to other (maritime) industries, the superyacht industry can function as Formula 1 functions to the car industry. Each new build project should be viewed as an opportunity to develop and embrace technology that pushes the boundaries, reducing the otherwise long time-to-market of such inventions. New technologies can also be installed during maintenance and refit operation of the existing superyacht fleet in order to upgrade existing yachts. With clients that can make a real difference, we are in a strategic position to facilitate this.’

Genesis Technologies Marine has been a corporate partner of Water Revolution Foundation since November 2019. Today, Rico Vögeli, CEO and founder of Genesis Technologies, Genesis Technologies Marine and nexgentec has signed Water Revolution Foundation’s code of conduct. He encourages other industry partners to also sign the code of conduct and to support the Foundation’s goals.

Rico Vögeli states: ‘We like efficiency and optimising things, for the end client, the specialist installer and for the environment. This is a challenging market, which forces and so helps us to find new and better solutions every day. We pioneered network-based audio solutions over 5 years ago. Finally, the whole superyacht market is fully ready for these now. We are grateful to Water Revolution Foundation for emphasizing the need to do things differently across the whole superyacht industry and for raising awareness. They have our full support.’

At Genesis Technologies Marine we strongly believe in our unique network-based audio solution that uses fewer and smaller hardware and we have developed exceptional devices at nexgentec to realize this. It is our aim to replace as much hardware as possible by software. And to use only hardware where it is absolutely needed. We do not include any ‘consumer products’, which have a lot of ‘overhead’, of which only a small part is actually needed. Consumer products waste space, consume excess energy and are not designed for 24/7. Our approach not only saves space and gives the integrator full control to adjust the system to the tastes of the end-users, it also saves a lot of heat and energy. With only the essential hardware and the most sophisticated software, the risk of failure is highly reduced and the durability and the flexibility to change the system are maximised. It is a win-win situation!

We look forward to the Yacht Assessment Tool that Water Revolution Foundation is fine-tuning at the moment, so that our solution can be unbiasedly measured and compared to others for its energy efficiency.

To see the difference between our approach and other network-based solutions, please check out our case study:, kindly calculated by Patrick Voorn, Synergy, the HVAC Consultancy.

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