On the first night of METS we welcomed 50 guests to the private terrace of The Roast Room for a 4-course dinner.

Our events have now become well-established events, bringing together technical buyers such as ETO/AVIT officers and build managers along with technology influencers such as technical managers from leading management companies and shipyards.

Our suggested discussion topics help guide discussions and our rotating guest format makes sure as many guests as possible meet each other.

But what did guest say?

Fantastic evening! Thank you Jack and your team for organising. Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks Jack for hosting this networking event! I had great fun, met great people and it was amazing food.

Thanks for the invite Jack, as probably the least technology savvy individual in the room, I still managed to enjoy myself. Great venue too, and excellent food wine and company.

Great event, thank you again for the invite!

A great event! The night was a success and we made some great contacts. Well done Jack!

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