The Superyacht Technology Steering Council (STSC) will comprise of leading superyacht and technology professionals, both in industry and crew.

The STSC will support, guide, lay foundations and implement change for moving the industry forward.

The STSC will be a forum to nurture and support innovative technologies in yachting, a safe space to share, learn, and collaborate.

The STSC will be a space to discuss not only technology, but important topics like ethics and sustainable yachting and what we can do together, to make positive change.

The STSC will provide a peer-to-peer knowledge support network.

We are currently in a consultancy process following the launch of the idea at the Superyacht Technology Network Show and Conference in October 2022.

We encourage you to approach us at this stage with any ideas, questions, and comments which can help us to shape the council.

We will have two levels of membership, Corporate Members and Associate Members.  However, key criteria for membership will be an application process, identifying what you can bring to the council.  To complete the application please visit the website and send your submission.

For any query feel free to contact us