This article was written last year and originally published in the 20/21 Superyacht Technology Blueprint.  However, as life in the UK starts to get a bit back to normal, globally Covid is still very prevalent in many countries, therefore, we feel this article is still relevant and introduces you to multiple systems to assist with extra cleanliness on board your yacht.


A little bit of grim history for you before we get into the good stuff: to prevent the Black Death from spreading, ships were isolated offshore for 40 days, before passengers and crew could alight. It could take up to 37 days to die from the plague, so after 40 days, the lucky living could leave. The word quarantine comes from the Italian quaranta giorni, meaning “40 days”. 

In a neat reversal of this situation, rumour has it that some yacht owners are isolating at sea to protect themselves from Covid 19, with supplies dropped in and long-range cruising systems engaged.  

Although spending months on board may seem a grand idea, cabin fever could soon set in, even on the most palatial yacht. Without regular shore trips for business and pleasure, you could be left pacing the decks, gazing longingly at land, with a restless crew and limited options for mooring.  

Security for those on board, both owners, guests and crew is paramount and making sure you have adequate anti-Covid systems on your superyacht should be a priority.  

We already know from earlier in the Covid journey that cruise liners can be a hotspot for pathogens. The semi-enclosed environment and close confines can hasten the spread of person-to-person, foodborne and waterborne infections. Should a yacht be any different? Let’s take a look at the latest technology you could employ to keep your yacht as hygienic and safe as possible.  


Unless you like the smell of hospitals, dousing surfaces with disinfectant can leave a strong odour. Plus, the disinfectant only goes as far as the cloth can reach, leaving plenty of nooks where Covid could hide.  

Puramyst is like Ghostbusters for germs. Offering a weekly service, Puramyst will turn up with backpacks, and mist your boat, office or home with a dry, safe, antiviral spray. It moves like a cloud, sterilising the air and everything it touches. It disappears leaving no residue. The Puramyst team sanitise restaurants, offices and hotels, and with a 24-hour call-out, there’s no reason you shouldn’t invite them onboard your boat too. This service is currently only available in Spain and the UK. Sterilise your space.  



Viveur is an intelligent air diffusion system, providing fragranced air that kills viruses. Personalise your ambience with the Volante Puro, a unique concept for ultra-luxury interiors. It combines titanium UV purification technology with fragrances from the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro.   

Built into the ventilation ductwork, these systems simulate the cleansing effect of outdoor air.  Special molecules are distributed which seek and neutralise odours and viruses using cell breakdown.  The benefits of these systems is that no chemicals are involved and the only by-products are natural elements.  Tested on numerous viruses over many years, including most recently on Covid-19, even airborne transmission of infection via a sneeze will be 99% neutralised before it has travelled a metre. 

Help reduce Covid transmission, with fragrance here: 

MarineVac, specialists in superyacht hygiene and waste-water management services.   

Breathing unhealthy air onboard can be prevented, thanks to the Marine HVAC. It prevents and restricts the growth of microbiological bacteria, mould and yeast within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, systems.  Having regular air conditioner cleaning is essential to reduce any risk.   

Recent global events have brought hygiene and infection into sharp focus. MarineVac now offer a four-part sanitation solution to ensure your yacht is clean and safe for crew and passengers.  

They carry out a deep clean of all surfaces using the most effective equipment and chemicals.  Professional service engineers with a knowledge of how to apply themselves within the marine industry conduct the cleans.  

A thorough HVAC cleanse and inspection is conducted. PuraMyst is used to sterilise all spaces against airborne and touch viruses. Finally, they flush through all your grey water lines. Their unique system flushes sinks, showers, urinals and galley floor drains with minimal disruption. 

Healthy air starts here:  

Superyacht Rubbish 

Great company name with several products designed to make life onboard more hygienic.  

EV 3000i Steam Cleaning System – A revolutionary domestic steamer, it uses only water to heat up to a germ-busting 170 degrees Celsius. With several interchangeable cleaning heads, it can be whizzed round galleys, tender bays, toys, walkways and teak decking.  

Marinaut Vacuum System – Designed to assist with the age-old problem of waste management on board. Garbage takes up lots of space, and waste disposal tariffs are steep.  The Marinaut Vacuum System sucks the air out of refuse bags, holding in odours and liquids, and reducing bulk by up to 50%. The system can be fitted in new builds, refits and operational yachts.  

Ex Series Digester – Not strictly speaking an anti-Covid measure, but the food digester from Superyacht Rubbish is pretty impressive. Think a large stainless steel box full of micro-organisms, that turn food waste and dead flowers to grey water, in a matter of hours. Fish, meat, fruit and veg are miraculously transformed into safe grey water in as little as three hours, eliminating greenhouse gasses, odours and germs.  

High tech rubbish solutions here:

Digital Doorman 

The Digital Doorman doesn’t oversee your VIP guest list – it does something even more important. Stand in front of the display, and the DMN08 system recognises whether someone is wearing a mask or not and measures their temperature. If there is no mask, or a high temperature, the Doorman sends an audio signal and displays the corresponding visual. The system can be connected to an integrated locking system, allowing you to manage multiple entry points. The facial recognition allows employees and guests to enter, but not strangers. The Digital Doorman also has a sanitiser dispenser too. Just don’t ask him to take your coat.  

Meet your new digital doorman here: 

UVC Air Sanitisers from Exact Solutions 

We know sunshine kills bugs, and UV lamps can do the sameUV lamps have been used to inactivate airborne microorganisms for many years. At first UV lamps were used to control infectious diseases such as TB, usually in medical facilities. Wavelengths within the short wave, or C band of UV light (UVC), were found to be the most effective germicidal light wavelengths.   

UVC is generated by fluorescent lamps.  The lamps transmit electrical discharge through low-pressure mercury vapour enclosed in a glass tubeAir is directed through tubes, and any pathogens are zapped. The light has the ability to destroy the genetic code of various life forms, such as virusesbacteria, mycoplasma and fungi.  UVC from mercury lamps is also referred to as UVG to indicate that it is germicidal.  

UVC light can be dangerous for human skin and eyes, so UVC Air Sanitizers products emit the UV light safely inside encapsulated housing  Get enlightened. Visit 

Heat detection camera from Harling Security 

fever screening camera, and the modern-day equivalent of your mother feeling your forehead with the back of her hand. 

The camera connects to a computer in a matter of minutes, with no wiring required. It gives a thermographic image and temperature for everybody boarding your yacht. If somebody has a raised temperature, it sounds a warning. The system is becoming popular in retail outlets where it can monitor up to 30 people at a time.  

The tech uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of the forehead, then estimates the core body temperature. These cameras are used by firefighters to track smouldering embers, and for police to hunt out-of-sight suspects.  

But they are not designed to be medical devices. So how useful are they in the current pandemic? They can give a reasonable measure of skin temperature, to within half a degree – but that’s not the same as body temperature. 

“These devices, in general, are less accurate than medical device thermometers like those you stick in the ear,” says Derek Hill, professor of medical imaging science from University College London. But if someone’s burning up from Covid, a heat detection camera will probably pick up their fever enough to raise an alert.  

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Anti-virus snood, from Virustatic 

Masks are compulsory in many situations, but they’re also uncomfortable and cumbersome. The Virustatic Shield Snood is a sleek, comfortable snood  that moulds to your face. The fabric coating is similar to the carbohydrate structures on the surface of the oesophagus, and tests have shown it kills 96% of influenza viruses.  It’s proven to capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus too. Not only is it incredibly efficient, but when not in use, it slips down around your neck for an added bit of winter warmth, and looks a bit like a cravat.  Buy one for each of your crew, and have a stash on standby for guests, to make your yacht even more Covid-safe.  Trap Covid in style, visit 

This article and many more are available to read online in our digital Superyacht Technology Blueprint here.



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