Emergency visibility at sea

Preparing for an emergency at sea is essential for a yacht but, of course, it is something that you really hope that you never need to use.  However, ensuring that you have high-quality reliable safety equipment which complies with legislation and international directives is paramount to confidence and safety.

Danish marine safety equipment manufacturer, Daniamant, announced this week the launch of the ODEO Strobe.  This is a high-powered LED flashing light designed for use in emergency situations as a collision warning signal.  It can also be used to pinpoint the position of a vessel or individual in distress.

The ODEO Strobe

The ODEO Strobe is the newest member of the ODEO family by Daniamant.  The strobe light has a 50cd luminosity intensity and can be detected from a minimum of three nautical miles away.  With the power to last two days, it is an essential piece of life-saving equipment that can be attached to a personal flotation device or included in a grab bag.

Watertightness and Submission

This product has been tested to IP68 for water tightness and has passed its type approval testing and is now awaiting type-approval certificates for SOLAS, MED and USCG standards.

Incredibly, it has also been tested for submersion up to 50m for use with diving applications and includes an infra-red signal for additional visibility.

Frederik Graves, Sales, and Marketing Manager spoke to Superyacht Technology news Editor, Joanna Palmer and said “We are delighted to offer this new product which builds on the proven design of the ODEO Distress.  Safety is paramount importance to Daniamant, the powerful output, simple activation and long life of the ODEO Strobe will make it an essential safety item for the marine industry.”

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