Marine ultra-light ply-product Goldcore is the first product of its kind to be type-approved to Lloyd’s standard BS 1088. Makers Panel Systems International claim that it can save 38 percent of heaviness that would normally weigh the vessels using other plywood-types down. Goldcore weighs 400kg/m3. The Lloyd’s certification approval means shipyards can use the material for building superyachts without the need to spend time independently checking its quality.

Demand for lighter-weight plywood has existed for some time and other solutions to replace the material have been presented such as carbon and high-density foams. However, these tend to be costlier. Other lightwood plys have also come to market, but had not been manufactured to marine specifications. This means that Now, designers of superyachts have the freedom to use plywood even when weight is an issue, ply itself having benefits such as ease of machining and price.

To meet these specifications, the wood must be flat and have water boil proof lines. It also needs A -grade veneers and ideally no veneer core gaps, all these features meaning it will be strong and long-lasting enough to be suitable for vessels such as superyachts.