Near the end of 2016, we saw a Kickstarter campaign introducing us the world’s smallest inflatable lifejacket and the first wearable inflatable flotation tube. The purpose of the campaign is to help fund the Coast Guard Certification and the estimate production and distribution date are expected to be March 2017.

The Ultralite Life Jacket weight a 260 grams and it attaches to a waist belt that is constructed of nylon. The life jacket is also equipped with a LED illuminator, reflector tape, a survival whistle and a neck strap. The Lifejacket is easy to use, whilst wearing the waist belt, you simply pull the small cord and it begins to inflate which use of the small Restube official CO2-cartridges. The Ultralite Life Jacket can be deflated and reused. The system meets the US and EU standards for life jackets (US) and flotation aids (EU) that you need for SUP or boating.

The Ultralite Swim tube share a similar concept at the life jacket and it is engineered for use in all water environment.

Both the USA Triathlon Union – USAT, and the German Triathlon Union – DTU have approved Restube products for their races. Several prestigious competitions such as the “Red Bull Coast 2 Coast” kite race require all participants to utilize Restube during competitions across the Baltic Ocean.

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