We look for the money saving, trouble free option in life, but what if there is a way that your superyacht just makes its own fuel?

Victorien Erussard and Jerome Delafosse is going to sail around the world, in a yacht powered by hydrogen. They will produce hydrogen on board from the ocean and will clean and purify the water, electrolyse it and then compress it in the tank storage. Hydrogen is very light and more efficient that fuel.

The yacht can generate hydrogen from 130 square metres of solar panels, 2 wind turbines, a traction kite and 2 reversible electric motors. When overproducing energy, Erussard and Delafoose want to keep the energy on board rather than waste it.

Erussard and Delafoose plan to make 101 stops along the way to showcase the potential of renewable energy. The technology can be used in hotels, houses and cars and the idea is to be less dependent on the network.

This would be interesting to see how their trip will go and whether it give a vision of a less dependent and a more sustainable future within the yachting world.

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