The Hanstaiger X1 is a stunning, striking, limited-edition yacht with a multitude of exceptional features and additional customisation options available.

The X1 is an exceptionally well-designed trimaran, with all the hydrodynamic advantages that it brings. The sailboat version can reach speeds of 20 knots. The powerboat version can achieve speeds of 30 knots thanks to more powerful engines.

The X1 offers a 70m2 lounge area that converts into a beach club with an additional 25m2 of deck and swimming platform extensions. Ceiling heights range from 2.3 to 3.2m. The owner’s cabin is over 30m2. The flybridge nears 35m2. 80% of the interior space is all on one level.

The custom-designed electrical system has a massive 50kw Lithium battery system and the power to run the boat for hours without resorting to the generator.

The helm station of the X1 is enclosed in a fighter pilot type canopy that opens up in good weather but can provide protection in rough seas. 12 cameras ensure everything is kept under control.For more information visit their website.


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