Superyacht Technology Network were lucky to be one of the first to demo the new product from Linc Security Systems; YachtAware an intelligent security system, with an innovative user experience for CCTV, access control systems and AI.

CCTV capabilities with YachtAware

By using preplaced cameras, you can easily navigate and monitor the specific areas which require extra security or safety measures.  With multiple layouts, you can pan 360 degrees so you can control, monitor, and view everything going on from anywhere. 

Viewing can be accessed via iPad or screen from the wheelhouse, crew mess or anywhere you choose. With very easy-to-program pre-set camera views, you can view multiple angles on one page. The capability to pinch and zoom allows you to get closer to anything that requires your attention and playback is available on demand.

With the opportunity on yachts to use this for access, swim platforms, engine rooms or anywhere where extra security, awareness and vigilance may be required.

Integrated with Milestone Systems XProtect, one of the best CCTV video management systems available, the quality is faultless.

You can unify and safeguard your valuable assets by harnessing the power of a single user interface that seamlessly integrates all your security solutions. Streamline your protection and ensure comprehensive security from a centralised platform.


AI – Intelligent Security Systems

Another key feature of YachtAware soon to come are its Intelligent AI capabilities.  With face recognition capabilities, it can identify that someone is approaching the yacht, or onboard, who has not been preauthorised.  It also identifies age and gender, abnormal numbers onboard, identity verification and scene changes.

Control your access control systems

You can manage and control user permissions on the interface, so that not all crew have access to all areas, again ensuring ultimate safety, privacy and security.  With Axis access control on the back end, using YachtAware is easy, intuitive, innovative and created specifically for superyachts.

If you want your security and safety systems to be simplified, seamless, cost-effective and easy to integrate – get in touch with YachtAware.

YachtAware will be officially launched at the Monaco Yacht Show on both the One (DS1) and Bond (AL1) stands, with live demos available.  Contact them to make an appointment at

YachtAware has been developed by LINC Security Systems.  The team at LINC has extensive experience supporting AVIT and Security Integrators in over 90 yacht projects and with over 10 years of industry expertise.