The use of aluminium honeycomb is not a new choice of material for superyachts, it has become increasing popular within the marine sector. Aluminium honeycomb is filled with advantages; the lightness, stiffness, fire resistance, compression, shear and corrosion resistance and flatness. Aluminium honeycomb is the core structure, and a smart way to make up the hull for most superyachts.

CEL is one of the biggest European suppliers of high-quality, aluminium honeycomb materials. The use of aluminium has also become more widely used in shipyards, the advantages of the material have shown true benefits within the shipyard. The material has a high strength as well as a good energy absorber.

Other providers such as Corex Honeycomb has found popularity not just within marine and shipyard applications, but also interiors, ceilings, furniture and partitions. Corex Honeycomb has been granted the Wheelmark and United States Coastguard Certification.