Every wanted to have an integrated navigation system. One that meets all your requirements and patches all usual stand-alone applications together (such as radar, ECDIS, Conning, Autopilot). 

 This news system called Raven INS is a very compact, yet comfortable easy to install the product, which offers remote access, to allow monitoring, fault finding and upgrades from the shore side. 


Norwegian Control Systems is the first company to make this integrated navigational system, suitable for all types of vessels over 25 meters, however, because it is a scalable and flexible solution it can currently be used up to 150-meter superyachts.   Their new product is called RAVEN INS and will be available on the market in early 2020.  Launched at SMM in Hamburg, this is the second viewing of RAVEN INS here at METS. 

There are many integrated bridges and navigational systems on the market, but they spotted the need to optimise the interaction between such applications.   The new technology and functionality of the RAVEN INS have been designed to accommodate future requirements for integration, operation, and safety.

One of the key components of the new system is a self-developed operators chair, where the focus has been on functionality while at the same time ensuring that the chair is modern and elegant.  It is a forward-looking chair that will make life easier for navigators.   

SYTN spoke to Svein Ove Farstad, Sales & Bid Manager for NCS about the system. Svein explained that the storytelling behind the name is inspired by Norse mythology.  It is called the Raven INS because the raven is considered as the most intelligent bird.  In Norse times, the bird was highly regarded as the Vikings often painted ravens on their sails to bring them good luck in battle.  In Norse mythology, Odin’s ravens flew out over the world and reported everything that happened back to Odin.  The Norwegian Control System Raven INS similarly gathers information from its surroundings and gives the operator a complete overview. 

Their first contract has been signed and will be delivered in 2020.  A typical lead time for the product is 18 months. They are working with Norweigan Yacht Voyagers who are implementing a plan to build 4 x 180m yachts. Norwegian Control Systems Raven INS will then be on each of these. 

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