Technology ideas within superyacht shipyard can be endless, but the possibilities of that technology coming to life is a step forward the industry. We have seen robotic welders, so how about bringing robots and humans together?

Shipyard work can be tough, and considering worker’s safety, comfort and product quality are highly important. Robots have been created to take over the difficult and dangerous physical tasks. Hyundai unveiled a robot’s exoskeleton which is essentially a lightweight wearable robot. The purpose is to give workers the ability to have ‘super strength’

Hyundai has shown a couple of these prototype exoskeleton suits in CES Las Vegas earlier this year; they have developed two designs, the H-Mex (Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton) and H-Wex. Hyundai hopes to get the H-Mex’s medical certification in 2018 and see where the future will take them.

Robots in the workplace seem to be a popular and common idea, people will always remain on the factory floor, however, robots in the workplace have shown and provided technical support.