FarSounder has been selected as a subcontractor on a research and development project led by GMATEK Inc. This project is contracted by the U.S. Navy’s US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Program Executive Office – Unmanned and Small Combatants (PEO-USC).

This research project will be applying machine learning and deep-learning artificial intelligence technology to identify solutions and develop a system to mitigate and compensate for sensor degradation onboard unmanned surface and undersea vehicles (USV/UUV).

GMATEK will be including FarSounder’s newest product the Argos 350 among the sensors being utilized. The FarSounder team will be contributing their knowledge, expertise and experience in sonar and related systems to supplement GMATEK’s development efforts.

“This project and others like it are imperative as the maritime world begins to enter this new territory of unmanned vessels,” said Cheryl M. Zimmerman, FarSounder CEO. “Our team is proud to contribute to this research and excited to do our part in keeping these vessels safe.”

The Argos 350 is an important navigation tool for situational awareness for USV/UUV’s. Being without a crew, they have an even higher risk of collision due to limitations with traditional navigation methods and technologies. This 3D FLS system allows the vessel to know in real-time what is ahead under the water before it’s too late. It is compact and lightweight and will give the operation team confidence the vessel will achieve its mission safely.

All FarSounder products are well established in the superyacht market.  For more information follow their website.

The Argos 350 forward-looking sonar guides yachts safety through unknown waters and risky environments. This model is ideal for mid-sized yachts and high-performance sailing vessels to navigate: reefs, shallow wrecks, debris in water columns, icebergs, rock pinnacles, and large marine life. The sonar is also useful to assist in localizing fishing habitats, dive sites, and to find good anchorages.

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