FarSounder has announced new enhancements to their SonaSoft™ Software featuring an expansion of their Local History Mapping™ (LHM) application. All models of the Argos™ Forward Looking Sonar system now have the ability to recall unlimited user-collected data (limited only by the amount of available hard drive space). LHM is an advanced, innovative software feature that allows users to generate a map of the seafloor as they navigate. In addition to the expansive storage upgrade, another advancement is coming in Q4 2022. They are adding the ability to view LHM data in their 3D Omni View as well as their Chart View on the user interface. Uniquely, a single pass of the Argos sonar can map an expansive swath of the seafloor in real time. The LHM application displays this data as a 3D map of the seafloor, which is updated with every ping. Upon returning to a location where LHM data has been collected, the user will see the bottom history in both views along with the real-time data. “The key purpose of an Argos sonar has always been improving situational awareness by detecting the seafloor depth and navigational hazards, in real-time, in front of the vessel. However, the enhancements of unlimited LHM storage and the display of this data in both the 3D Omni View and the Chart View allows the user to leverage their previously recorded data to further improve their knowledge of their environment and make well-informed navigation decisions.” – Heath Henley, Ph.D., Senior Applications Engineer at FarSounder.The more information available about the environment below the surface, the easier it is to make sound navigation decisions. Users want the best possible real-time information to understand where is safe and where they should avoid sailing. Combining history and real-time data adds unprecedented value in keeping the vessel and its passengers safe.

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