Ensuring the safety of your owner, guests and crew is critical when considering the purchase of a new yacht or the retrofit of a current yacht.  Of course, the look and feel are important, but you should very sensibly consider the look and feel of where you cant see, underneath the yacht, in its passage.  Forward-Looking Sonar (FLS) ensures the safety of your yacht and its guests by visualising the seabed under the yacht and your path ahead. 

Sonar developments are constantly growing over the years in terms of improvements in power, performance, range, and cost.  Taking some of their research and development from forwardlooking sonar on commercial vessels, the superyacht industry has really caught up, providing the same highquality power and performance but now for the leisure industry allowing for easier, safer access to previously unchartered waters.  And, who hasn’t worked on a yacht where the guests want to go ‘somewhere we’ve never been before’. 

Read the whole article here online.  The article was originally published in the Superyacht Technology Winter Blueprint.

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