There are a wide range of third-party systems that shipyards can bring on board. From safety to comfort to convenience, the cutting-edge technologies coming out of the nautical industry are improving the yachting experience every year.

Of all the many stabilisation systems, the Stab 40 Waveless electric stabilising fins by CMC Marine stand out.

The Italian nautical tech company has made waves in the industry – but its real goal is to negate the impact of waves at sea. The ultra-compact, low-maintenance electric fins work autonomously to reduce roll, both at anchor and underway, up to 75%.

The Stab 40 fins have an area of 1.25 or 1.5m2 each – according to the chosen size –, and represent only a fraction of CMC’s range, which goes beyond the Waveless line with Stabilis Electra, a collection of products for all hull types.

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